A growing market for Kudos in recent years has been martial arts and in particular the unique sport of karate. Karate stands alone as a sport that, for the people involved, is more than just a sport. It is a way of a life, instilling discipline and becoming something deeper and more philosophical than most other sports, helping its participants, often from a young age, to become better and more rounded people.

Senshuken’s stylish KUDOS jacket, modelled by club founder Jack!

Karate – more than just a sport

With an ever-increasing number of karate clubs – or dojos – on our books, Kudos is truly invested in what this martial art is all about. We’ve spoken to Kudos-affiliated clubs, including Senshuken Shotokan Karate Club and Fenikkusu Shotokan Karate Club – to get an insight into what they’re all about, what drives them and what makes their clubs special – and we’ve been given an illuminating insight.

Karate clubs share Kudos values; principally that sport can help people in myriad ways over and above simply improving physical fitness. It’s clear that so many dojos are utterly immersed in what they do. That passion for their sport fuels our own passion – it drives us to be as good as we can possibly be, and as such help those clubs who wear Kudos, in just a small way, to be as good as they can possibly be, too.

Fenikkusu Shotokan Karate Club martial artists watch on in their KUDOS tracksuits

It has been striking how many clubs, or dojos, don’t have team colours or kit outside of their regular uniform. With an increasing number of Kudos-affiliated clubs appearing at competitions nationwide and globally in team jacketstracksuits, hoodies and t-shirts, more dojos are now developing a clearer identity and standing out from the crowd, on and off the mat.

If your club wants to do the same, then contact us and join the growing Kudos stable. You can try our one minute kit designer and have a go at designing your own gear, or alternatively you can contact us directly and let us get to work. Your new kit can be with you in just six weeks from order to delivery.

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KUDOS supplies made-to-order teamwear to a range of sports clubs across the globe. We supply bespoke custom kit that is built for performance and worn with pride. Use our one minute kit designer to design your kit today.


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