Recently, a video of a pep talk given by a young boy to a disconsolate rugby teammate went viral – and it’s difficult to overstate the importance of such a magical moment being seen by so many. Here’s why.

The footage was captured by Viaduct Video as part of their week long fly-on-the-wall filming of a rugby course held at Sedbergh School. In their own words, Viaduct described it as…

An emotional moment our cameraman Alex captured during his week of filming over Easter 2022 with Sedbergh School The kids on these courses never know when we mic up the coaches. Therefore this lovely moment is as authentic as it gets on the pitches. The personification of team spirit and togetherness. Also a perfect example of our unobtrusive and ‘never staged style’

“The personification of team spirit and togetherness” is exactly right. The clip underlines what KUDOS believes to be the very essence of playing sport – friendship, unity, inclusion. The idea that sport is for everyone, and every body, isn’t always borne out by what we see on TV and online – but this boy’s inspiring pep talk resonated with people worldwide for that very reason, and will have pricked the consciousness of thousands upon thousands of young boys and girls making their way in sport.

Seen by millions of people worldwide, the clip will have been shown to children galore by their parents, with the video’s vital core message embedding itself into the minds of inspired youngsters. It’s a priceless thing. Grassroots sport is littered with heroes, unsung heroes, and in our view this little boy is one of them.

Sport is for everyone, and sport is for everyBODY – and if this viral video went some way to reminding people, then that can only be good.


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