At the core of our business – indeed at the core of our passion – is grassroots sport. Our raison d’être is to promote, support and give a voice to grassroots sport, kids sport, women’s sport, and sports outside of the mainstream…and to kit them out in elite, bespoke teamwear.

Commonwealth Games 2022

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to play sport, and if they do they should have the chance to wear high-performance, custom kit – whatever their sport, whatever their level. The beauty of Kudos bespoke kit, however, is that, while our focus is on the grassroots, it is absolutely equipped for the elite – which is why KUDOS kit will be on display at the forthcoming 2022 Commonwealth Games, worn by several nations turning out in Birmingham.

The event will be held in Birmingham, England from 28 July to 8 August 2022 – the first time it’s been held in England since Manchester 2002. It is set to be a stellar renewal with the likes of Katarina Johnson-Thompson and Dina Asher-Smith named in England’s 72-strong athletics squad, and while we’ll be rooting for the English athletes, we’ll also be pulling for athletes in Kudos, proudly representing nations such as Jersey, the Falkland Islands and Saint Helena. It is what sport is all about.

The Commonwealth Games is a colourful celebration of humanity, a coming together of nations big, small and tiny. It will be a privilege to be just a minuscule part of what we hope will become a lasting legacy; a legacy comprised of world-class teamwork, sporting prowess and friendship.


KUDOS supplies made-to-order teamwear to a range of sports clubs across the globe. We supply bespoke custom kit that is built for performance and worn with pride. Use our one minute kit designer to design your kit today.


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