As well as being passionate believers in the merits of grassroots sport in a purely physical and sporting sense, we’re also major proponents of sport in a social sense. The camaraderie, togetherness and supportive nature of a club can do wonders for our spirits and our mental well-being, and it’s often an overlooked boon of getting involved at a grassroots club.

Club tours and specially set up touring groups are an increasing element of grassroots sport. Beermingham Moseley – the clue, for the eagle-eyed, is in the name! – is an offshoot of Birmingham Moseley Women’s Rugby team, the social summer team, and they know how to play hard both on and off the pitch.

We caught up with Rosa Amato from the club to give us the lowdown…

KUDOS: So can you tell us what Beermingham Moseley is all about?

Rosa Amato: Beermingham Moseley is the social / tour persona of Birmingham Moseley Women’s Rugby team. We’re an 80 woman strong club who work really hard during the season to do as well as we can in the leagues. Because of this, we enjoy the social in the off season and like to treat ourselves to a weekend away to have some fun and build stronger relationships.

So how does the club run compared to the regular team which runs for the rest of the year?

Beermingham Moseley is a once-a-year event. Historically, we will tour to a place where we can play a social tournament, or pick up medals for bants! Previous tournaments include the Women’s World Cup tournament in Belfast and Magaluf 7s. This year we’re playing 10s at the Heart of Wales.

The Beermingham lasses get stuck in before the more important stuff after the game…!

We passionately believe the social side of grassroots sport is as important as the sporting side. Does that ring true with you, and what does the social element of your club entail? 

Absolutely! It’s the perfect way to celebrate and include new and old players of the game. We love any excuse to fancy dress and the girls really go in 100%. We like to keep the socials lighthearted, good fun and with plenty of rugby traditions – fines, challenges and a nice sprinkle of embarrassment.

As it should be! So, bearing in mind what goes on tour stays on tour, and that society seems to be inching back to some sort of normality, how has the club coped with the last 18 months?

Considering what a turbulent 18 months we’ve all had, the team have done incredibly well. We continued to keep fit with Zoom sessions and even had Vicky Fleetwood coach us in fitness virtually. We kept up the fun with competing in viral challenges and making videos. When we could, we started buddying up and working out in person. Overall, the team has grown rapidly and now we hope to have 3 teams together for September.

Great to hear! For many adults, once settled down with a family, kids, work etc, making the time for grassroots sport can be difficult, and some clubs see a high turnover of players. Do you as a club experience that sort of difficulty in terms of turnover of players or is it relatively settled?

​At grassroots level, rugby is a different priority for different people. We have a really varied team – students, professionals, mothers, services personnel – so we do understand that rugby will take priority at different times. Fortunately for us, we play for love of the sport, love of the team, and the commitment to ourselves and each other and find ourselves with a solid squad that can adapt and be flexible.

Finally, to anyone thinking of joining the regular club or your social summer team, how would you sell it to them?

Joining a women’s rugby team will be the best decision you ever make. Not only are you playing a sport which is based on; teamwork, respect and enjoyment, you are also surrounded by empowered, kick-ass women who are up for a laugh and will have your back.


Perfect! Thanks so much to Rosa for taking the time to chat to us – it’s great to see people loving their sport, loving each other’s company, and playing as hard off the pitch as they do on it. At grassroots level, the two should go in hand. We should love what we do at grassroots level, we should enjoy every minute of it – and the girls at Beermingham Moseley certainly do that.

If you’d like to get involved with this cracking club – for the rugby, for the laughs, or both – then you can find them on Facebook , get in touch via email or hit us up at Kudos and we’ll pass on your details.


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