At the core of our business is sport – from grassroots to the elite. Since 2012 we’ve provided bespoke teamwear to clubs and teams based all over the world, and across dozens of different sports.

Something else you may have noticed during the past year’s lockdown, however, is that we absolutely love dogs! The conversations at KUDOS HQ tend to be pretty narrow, if we’re honest. Sport, dogs and…uh…more sport, more dogs, and that’s about it.

Our social and content guy Sean’s Labrador, Richie

Andrew Cotter‘s wonderful lockdown videos, in which he commentated on his Labradors Olive and Mabel’s routine day-to-day antics, gave us a great excuse to share some joyous dog-related content with a sporting theme, at a time when sporting content was thin on the ground and the public mood and mental well-being was, in large part we think it’s fair to say, pretty low.

What you may not know is, for a few years now, we’ve also worked with a number of dog clubs, doggie day care centres, kennels, dog trainers and other pooch-related centres, kitting out staff in matching jackets, hoodies, polo shirts and more.

Our Managing Director Neil's Spaniels, Vinnie and Pablo Diablo Rodrigo Turner

Our Managing Director Neil’s Spaniels, Vinnie and Pablo Diablo Rodrigo Turner


Another dog-based activity we’re involved with is canicross. Never heard of it? Read on!

Canicross is the sport of running off-road or cross country with your dog. That’s right – cross country running with your dog. The human participant wears a waistbelt which attaches via a 2-metre bungee line to a padded dog harness and is more or less dragged along by the dog. Man’s best friend and all that, right? We work with a couple of canicross clubs, including Dundee & Angus Canicross, and it’s been fabulous to learn more about it and work closely with them.

It is, admittedly, somewhat unusual, but if you and your mutt are inseparable – as many of us are, some voluntarily, some less so – it’s a fantastic way to keep you both fit whilst enjoying the great outdoors together. It provides a physical workout for your dog and the use of directional commands will help him or her to learn to use their brain and build up their confidence.

Sales Director Spencer's pooch Louis

Sales Director Spencer’s pooch Louis

We’re really keen to link up with more dog-based clubs, kennels and organisations – so if you want your dog handlers to feel great and look great while looking after the mutts, drop us a line and let’s work together to help you stand out from the crowd! Woof!


KUDOS supplies made-to-order teamwear to a range of sports clubs across the globe. We supply bespoke custom kit that is built for performance and worn with pride. Use our one minute kit designer to design your kit today.


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