Sport is our business, our passion, but for much of 2020 we were all deprived it. Deprived of playing sport, deprived of watching sport. During that first, seemingly never-ending lockdown in particular, us sport obsessives were forced to look for other outlets. And so, as well as the tough times, 2020 may well come to be remembered for some of those alternatives that more or less saved lockdown for so many of us – the likes of marble racing, two Labradors, and a bored yet dryly hilarious sports commentator.

Marble Racing

In the very early lockdown days, the sudden loss of sport hit many of us hard. We were bereft, with nothing to play and nothing to watch. At Kudos HQ, we turned to marble racing – and nothing could have prepared us for how thrilling it is. Check out this incredible race.

Olive and Mabel

Andrew Cotter is known to hardcore sports fans in the UK as a commentator on mainly golf and athletics, with his distinctively soft and mellifluous Scottish tones. When Britain went into lockdown back in March, Cotter’s work naturally ground to a halt and he – like many of us – was bored. Boy, was he bored.

To pass the time he began chronicling the mundane lives of his two adorable Labradors, Olive and Mabel, commentating on them as they ate, walked, and played. Little was Cotter to know what would happen next.

Olive, Mabel and Cotter himself became overnight sensations, going viral on Twitter. We shared his videos on our Facebook page – with credits, of course – simply to share the joy and bring a bit of light from Twitter over to Facebook, and hopefully brighten people’s lives during an arduous lockdown.

Six months later his videos of Olive and Mabel have been seen by millions around the world, and Cotter is now a published author. We reckon his book would make a pretty great Christmas present.

At the time of writing, our own shares of Andrew’s magnificent work have racked up over 22 million views. We’ve rounded them all up in one handy spot just in case you want to end the year by revisiting these hilarious clips.

Olive and Mabel 1 – Game of Bones 

Olive and Mabel Zoom Call 

OIive and Mabel go for a walk 

Olive and Mabel from the archives 

Olive and Mabel announce their new book 

Olive and Mabel – Behind the Scenes 


After marble racing came this fabulous DIY effort courtesy of @scottyryan on TikTok. Incredibly satisfying both to the ear and to watch, and easy to set up at home, this ingenious idea must surely have been repeated in homes across the globe. We’ve no idea what to call it – but check it out and maybe give it a go!


We hope the videos on our Facebook page have cheered some of you up during what has been a turbulent year for us all. Check out all of our videos here – and let’s hope 2021 brings about an upturn in fortunes for everyone.

Thank you Andrew Cotter, thank you Olive and Mabel – and thank YOU for watching. Stay safe!


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