Back in August, we teamed up with Team Stockdale and their star rider, Joe Stockdale. The partnership represents a bold step forward in equestrianism teamwear – with an emphasis on creating a strong and identifiable brand and image.

After a strange old year for us all, Joe has returned to action recently – including representing Great Britain and also taking part in the National Championships at Bolesworth, where Joe, riding Cash, finished a highly creditable 7th in the Grand Prix.

Joe went on to further demonstrate his high class horsemanship at the end of August when he retired Cash due to his mount hating the rain and the puddles, remarking “There will be plenty more classes ahead for the both of us”. It was a hugely commendable move that said a lot about the type of guy, and rider, Joe is – and it will only have won him even more fans and admirers.

We caught up with Joe this week for a quick chat.

Joe and Cash giving it some serious air in the Grand Prix at Bolesworth

KUDOS: ‘Training smarter’ is a concept increasingly competing with the traditional idea of ‘training harder’. Do you think training smarter rather than harder is relevant in showjumping? 

Joe Stockdale: Yes, definitely, Both your own body and the horses perform better with the correct balance of nutrition and variety of exercise and training.

We know horses are very intricate animals, needing a great deal of time and effort to keep them fit. What would you say are the key things that help them have successful competitive careers? 

Each horse needs to be treated as an individual and by understanding them and their needs you tailor their development, training and nutrition, including variety to keep them at the top of their game. The care given by the dedicated grooms daily keeps them happy and content along with the farrier, physio, vet and nutritional advice ensures they are in top condition.

You ultimately chose equestrianism over cricket. Can you tell us a bit about your cricketing career and how you came to what must have been a tough decision to leave cricket behind?

I started playing cricket when I was at school and progressed to playing for Northampton Academy and County. I picked up an injury which stopped me from going to play in Australia in 2018. I had the opportunity to ride some of my Dad’s horses and had success, along with support from owners and sponsors, so wanted to give showjumping a go!

A talented all round sportsman, Joe chose showjumping over cricket.
Image: Horse and Hound

Turned out a decent decision! And that’s a pretty meteoric rise, in just two years. So what advice would you offer to young aspiring athletes? 

My Dad’s mantra of “There is no such word as can’t!” definitely helped me throughout my sporting career.

Would you say that’s the most valuable piece of advice your dad gave you in regards to showjumping? 

My Dad started from a non-horsey background, and worked his way up to representing Great Britain at the Beijing Olympics – purely through hard work and dedication. He also built up a business with a strong string of horses, loyal owners and supportive sponsors – and if I take only a small percentage of the example he set, and his work ethic, I think I will be okay! I will always hear the words “There is no such word as can’t!” ringing in my ears

Wise words indeed! Your dad was also a keen proponent of creating teamwear that forms an identity and togetherness for riders and their team. Why do you think that is important? 

Teamwear not only creates an identity and brings the team together, it also projects a professional image whilst also giving credit to sponsors and owners.

Since you and the team have been able to spend some time in your Kudos kit both at home and Bolesworth, what feedback do you have for us about the kit in terms of fit, style and practicality? 

The kit is extremely comfortable and durable. We had a downpour the other day and everyone ran for their rain jackets and they saved the day!

Excellent! Are there any other items you’d like to see Kudos introduce as part of the range of kit targeted at equestrianism? 

The kit was designed specifically with equestrian needs in mind and as we go forward year on year it is inevitable that we will work with Kudos, fine tune things, but at the moment we are very happy.

Glad to hear it! So, after having such a successful show at Bolesworth, particularly with Cash coming 7th in the Grand Prix, how does this set you up for the coming months? 

It is always highly motivating for the whole team to have good results especially after such a long break. All the horses are feeling better than ever and I am looking forward to getting back out on the international circuit.

How do you envisage the future for Team Stockdale? 

Team Stockdale has some exciting projects in the pipeline. We are always thinking outside of the box! It’s important to consider all opportunities to promote Showjumping, our sponsors and owners, without whom the sport wouldn’t be possible.


Thanks so much to Joe for taking the time out of his extremely busy schedule to talk to us. He certainly has a bright future.

You can follow Joe’s progress on his Facebook page. Good luck for the rest of the year, Joe!


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