Grassroots sports clubs and the people that run them often find themselves beset by problems, and the running of amateur clubs is fuelled more or less entirely by the enthusiasm of its volunteers. One recurring problem is, simply, admin – piles of red tape and paperwork – and an ever decreasing pool of people willing to take it on is placing an enormous burden and strain on club and league officials alike.

Who shoulders the burden?

As a player or a parent, it’s easy to take a functioning club for granted – but just think about it for a moment. Arranging fixtures, booking pitches, recruiting players, raising funds, arranging training and booking the requisite facilities, DBS checks (formerly CRB), purchasing equipment, sourcing and ordering kit / teamwear, storage, data protection, club bank accounts, tax issues, club social events – and a good bit more. It’s quite remarkable when you think about it – and these burdens have to fall on someone’s shoulders.

What can you do to lighten the load?

So what can clubs – and the relevant authorities – do about it? The first and most obvious step is to transition to online systems where possible. Sporting bodies – and indeed clubs – have been relatively slow to take advantage of the vast communication advances brought about by innovative technology, but some sports are belatedly adapting. In cricket, the Play Cricket website is a free online tool for administrators and players alike to manage records and other associated stats in the game.

Pitchero provides fantastic online tools for sports teams and sports leagues in football, rugby union and rugby league, hockey, cricket, netball and lacrosse. Its Team Management facility strives to make the hassle of team admin a thing of the past, while their ‘Your Membership Database’ works seamlessly. In fact Pitchero offers a whole host of tools to help make the running of your club a damn sight easier, and it’s well worth checking out their 30 day free trial before deciding whether or not to take the plunge.

My Clubhouse is another. In its own words it “keeps track of members, subscriptions, club events, PayPal payments, email communications, enquiries, questionnaires, bookings and perform general club management tasks”. There are loads out there, all with the aim of streamlining the administration process – removing paperwork and making everything a whole lot more secure.

Work with KUDOS for your teamwear

What those online tools don’t do is design and order your kit and teamwear. All sports clubs want kit that looks good, feels great – and a process that is as painless as possible. With KUDOS‘s one minute kit designer, you can choose your own stylish design with a slick and user-friendly tool, before working with our team to round off any minor details or specific requests and complete the process. KUDOS guarantees your kit will be with you within 6 weeks of placing the order – ensuring a swift turnaround and ending a process that clubs find a pleasure rather than a pain.

Don’t just change processes – change attitudes!

As well as changing procedures, in many cases it requires a change of attitude from players. Many players – or parents – just want to turn up, play (or watch), and leave. Clubs always need people to give something back, and many clubs find the same arduous admin tasks fall on the same people’s shoulders for years on end, with new volunteers seldom coming forward.

So, while money and funding is undoubtedly the headline issue for most sports clubs, reducing the workload for your overburdened volunteers is vital. For all the technology available, you still need community-minded people to muck in and play their part. If you haven’t already, check out the numerous online resources out there and be mindful that there is a role for everybody within the club to play. It’s your club – play your part!


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