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Suki Aerobic Gymnastics Club, based in Gosport, Hampshire, is a club that embodies many of the values that we believe in – particularly inclusivity and using sport as a force for good and positivity in life both in and outside of the sporting arena.

We spoke to Natalie Dickinson all about the club and what aerobic gymnastics is all about.

KUDOS: How long has the club been going and how did it get started?

Natalie: Suki Aerobic Gymnastics Club was created in 2004 by Su Killeen – we started with just one coach and one gymnast!

Got to start somewhere! So what marks aerobic gymnastics apart from other disciplines?

Aerobic gymnastics is a competitive sport originating from traditional aerobics in which complex, high-intensity movement patterns and elements of varying difficulty are performed to music. Aerobic Gymnastics is probably the most dynamic and energetic of all the gymnastic disciplines. It’s recognisable for its high energy and heart pounding routines set to lively up-tempo music, It’s popular with both males and females and offers opportunities for participation as individuals, mixed pairs, trios and groups. Also, unlike any other discipline, gymnasts wear aerobic trainers.

Do you cater solely for aerobic, or other disciplines too?

We focus on two disciplines of gymnastics, Aerobic Gymnastics (our competitive discipline) and General Gymnastics (our non competitive discipline)

Do your members have the option to compete or not compete as they see fit? Do you have people coming along just for fun?

All of our gymnasts have the opportunity to compete if they wish. We work with our gymnasts to ensure we get the best out of each one and maximise their personal potential. We have a handful of gymnasts who do not compete, however the majority of them do because we have now started the Introductory Aerobic Code. Introductory Aerobics is your first step into the aerobic discipline and includes a resource and a competition framework. It is best suited to gymnasts aged 11+, however it can be delivered to younger gymnasts too. It incorporates flexibility, strength and fitness, and gives gymnasts the opportunity to learn new skills and perform alongside their friends!

How have you done over the years in competition?

We’ve improved year on year. Our gymnasts of all levels have won a range of medals from regional through to national level along with our coaches, committee and adult helpers being recognised for their support to the discipline through a range of networks. We have also had a number of gymnasts compete abroad either for the Southern Region or GBR.

Can anyone come along – do you cater for all standards?

We cater for Beginners up to International Performance level gymnasts.

To anyone thinking of joining your club, how would you sell it to them? What’s in it for them, what could a new member expect to gain from joining?

When you join our club, you are joining our family. All of the gymnasts, coaches, adult helpers and committee members are there because they love it. Not only do you gain knowledge and experience as a gymnast, but you gain lifelong friends, life skills and much more along the way. If you speak to our team personally they themselves will tell you why they enjoy it and why you should apply to join.


Thanks so much to Natalie for taking the time to speak to us. If you’re interested in joining the club click here to find out when training takes place – or alternatively check out their Facebook page / click here and get in touch!


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