All of us involved with grassroots sport constantly experience its ebbs and flows and its ups and downs – whether its our team(s) losing, winning, matches being called off, playing in dreadful conditions, dressing room dramas, good form, bad form, playing on balmy summer evenings, or something else entirely. It is a rollercoaster, and we love it.

For grassroots sport, 2019 has, in many ways, been the same as it ever was in the UK. It never really changes, does it? We struggle on through the wind and the rain, on cold and wet mornings for matchdays, and cold and wet evenings for training, purely for the love of the sport we play, whatever sport that may be.

Thank You to the Volunteers

Volunteers provide the spine of any grassroots club, and without them it is impossible to imagine how any club could operate. Volunteers are grassroots sport’s unsung heroes – a special and dedicated group of highly spirited individuals, who willingly surrender their spare time to enable others to take part in the sports they love.

All clubs need coaches, someone to make the sandwiches, provide the drinks, clean the kit, do the book-keeping…the list goes on. Volunteering gives you a chance to be a part of something, to make new friends, to make a difference and to help provide a springboard for others and their possible future success. We want to thank *everyone* who has volunteered their own time at some point through the year to help make grassroots sport happen.

Giving Your Sport and Your Club A Voice

As much as everyone at KUDOS loves football, from grassroots to the Champions League, one of our core passions is supporting and giving a voice – on our blog – to sports outside of the mainstream, sports we take great pride in being associated with. Football is well covered, saturated in fact, and so we take a great deal of pride in supporting sports like archery, netball, hockey, bowls, swimming, gymnastics, equestrianism, roller skating and countless other sports and pursuits not afforded the same sort of platform and exposure as the usual suspects.

Seeing photos of the men, women, boys and girls representing clubs in all of those sports, wearing KUDOS kit, is a genuine and tremendous source of pleasure for us, humbly reaffirming to us the importance of what we do, and why we love doing it.

Inspiring Us This Year

We were delighted to donate kit to the inspirational Dan Jones as he undertook the almighty challenge of the Mongol 100 to raise money for Children in Need. And another of our favourite encounters was with young referee Ella Chandler, who spoke to us not only about her experiences in refereeing and what can be done about some of the problems blighting the grassroots, but also about how and why sport has such a positive influence on her life. Just two of the illuminating and inspiring people we’ve spoken to on this blog in 2019.

Island Games 2019

It was another huge thrill for us to not only provide the kit for half a dozen competing nations in the Island Games, but to speak to the people and teams involved. Our interviews with the Falkland Islands, Jersey, Guernsey, hosts Gibraltar, and the Isle of Wight really helped us understand what it means to the competitors, coaches and staff, and what goes into this wonderfully unique event. We can’t wait for the next one!

The Continued Growth of Women’s Sport

We are also super proud that around half of the kit we dispatch goes to women. 2019 has been another stunning year for women’s sport, with England’s Lionesses record-breaking summerKatarina Johnson-Thompson and Dina Asher-Smith starring at the World Athletics Championships and the success of Netball World Cup on home soil, with its unprecedented TV coverage, among a raft of highlights.

And, in the years’ death throes, how could we not mention Fallon Sherrock – who wrote her name into sporting folklore by becoming the first woman to defeat a man at the PDC World Darts Championships. Afterwards, Sherrock told Sky Sports:

What I have done tonight, I hope it just proves that women, we can beat the men. We can play well against the men.fallon sherrock

As she spoke, tears welled in her eyes. It was a moment of immense significance, not just for darts, not just for women’s sport, but for sport full stop. The acceptance from a predominantly, let’s face it, tanked up male crowd also felt hugely significant, as it roared its approval when Sherrock nailed the winning double 18. It was the latest in a sequence of inspiring. game-changing moments for women’s sport in 2019, and there is no reason why this momentum can’t continue into and throughout 2020.


Thank You To All Kudos Customers

And last but not least we want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of our customers. We’ve been thrilled to partner with more great clubs this year, clubs that echo our values of inclusivity, accessibility and sport for all, to add to our packed stable of clubs across all manner of sports. It is your passion for sport, allied to our own, that fuels what we do. Here’s to a great 2020 and beyond.


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