One of the things that pleases us most about what we do is the wide array of sports and pursuits we’ve become involved with over the years – from more traditional sports like cricket, netball, and archery, to lacrosse and equestrian, and right through to lesser-known pursuits like artistic roller skating.

What is artistic roller skating, we hear you ask! Well, have a read of this. Momentum Artistic Roller Skating Club is based in Wolverhampton and is run by Terri Fryer. We spoke to Terri about the club, and the sport.


KUDOS: So, for those who don’t know, what is artistic roller skating?

Terri: Well it’s very similar to ice skating, but we do it with quad skates – four wheels on each foot. So it’s artistic – there’s dancing involved, there’s rhythm involved…more or less anything you would see on Dancing on Ice, or figure skating at the Winter Olympics. All the spins, all the jumps!

And are there different disciplines and categories?

There are disciplines, yes – dance, freestyle, precision and figures. And the categories are elementary and preliminary…and you have to take tests to be able to compete at championship level.

With regards to the club itself, when you started it did you realise there was a captive audience for artistic roller skating?

Well I was a young mum, with a young child who had nothing to do. There wasn’t a lot on offer in the area. I skated as a child myself, and I began looking for competitive roller skating clubs and there just weren’t any in the area. So I got trained, did my child protection stuff, and set up the club about 8 years ago!

And how do you do for numbers at the club now?

We do well! We do have to cap our numbers, to make sure we can provide quality teaching, and so we don’t over-subscribe ourselves. We’ve got four British champions at the club at the moment, which we’re really proud of – in a short space of time we’ve done very well. We’ve competed abroad – we’ve had children competing abroad three times this year, three times last year, and have had people competing overseas for about the last 7 years now.

We have lots of classes – so a Friday session, a Saturday session, a Sunday session and a Tuesday session. Different categories, different ages and ability groups etc. We’re pretty busy! It’s all voluntary-run too. So while we’re very busy we would welcome new beginners.

Momentum’s British champions

What kind of age range do you see at the club?

Well our youngest at the moment is 3! Our oldest is 19.

Is everybody in the club involved in competition, or do some go along on a casual basis just for fun?

It’s their choice, ultimately. We are fundamentally a competitive club, and we explain to people that that’s what we would like them to do.

And finally, how would you sell the club – what’s in it for a newcomer to come and join your club?

It’s social interaction, inclusion, teaching kids discipline, how to lose, how to win. We’re just a really, really supportive family.


Thanks so much to Terri for taking the time to talk to us. It is a joy for us to be associated with a club that is so entirely aligned with our own ethos about what sport should be – inclusive, socially beneficial and…fun! What Momentum ARSC have achieved in a relatively short space of time is remarkable, and is a huge credit to Terri and her team.

If you’d like to get involved, you can find them on Facebook. Alternatively, drop us a line and we can help you get in touch with someone at the club.


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