KUDOS‘ full range of off-field teamwear, casual wear and training gear enables you to look as good off the field as you look on it – and it can help you perform better too.

Perhaps you already have a playing kit you’re happy with. That’s fine – but the value of matching off-field teamwear can’t be overstated.

Dress for Success

We don’t use off-the-shelf garments – all of our bespoke teamwear is designed specifically to your exact requirements, allowing us to match your playing kit designs and colours.

Tailor-made team hoodiestracksuits and jackets serve multiple purposes – whether representing your club at other events, keeping warm on the sidelines, training, travelling to away games, or warming up pre-match…in wearing matching non-playing kit, you’ll help to promote a clear and distinguished image for your club that not only helps engender a true sense of team and togetherness, but affects the way you think, prepare and perform. This is entirely in line with the psychology of dressing for success:

We know from psychological research that what we wear affects the way we think. It is known in psychology as priming. Numerous studies over the years have concluded that sportsmen and women wearing red win more often than those in other colours. In 2013, a study by the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology revealed the influence of the colour red – on both perception and your own behavior and performance – to be a very real factor. This demonstrates what a significant role the right kit can have. It goes beyond colour – if you feel good in your kit, you give yourself a better chance to succeed.

As Danielle Brown rightly points out – wear the right kit, your best kit, even in practice or training. It is about conditioning. Conditioning the mind. If you turn up to practice looking and feeling a million dollars, you are of course giving yourself a better chance to practice well. And when we practice well, we are more likely to perform well in competition. kudos sports

We work with several clubs to provide their off-field kit, including UK-based American football club Solent Thrashers, for whom we provide just their training kit.

And so as autumn turns into winter and the temperatures plummet, now might be the time for your club to look into that off-field teamwear. Check out our one minute kit designer – you could have it with you in just six weeks.


KUDOS supplies made-to-order teamwear to a range of sports clubs across the globe. We supply bespoke custom kit that is built for performance and worn with pride. Use our one minute kit designer to design your kit today.


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