We all love sport. Most of us play it, all of us watch it. We live and breathe it, but there is no getting away from the fact sport sometimes causes injury. Rugby, like all major sports, brings pleasure to millions, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie in a way that only sport can – but though it occurs pretty rarely, injuries in rugby can be serious and life-changing.

Which is where the Hearts + Balls Charitable Trust comes in. Hearts + Balls is a charity that, in its own words, ‘helps rugby help its own’, by raising money to ‘offer assistance, both immediate and long-term, to those who have been impacted by catastrophic injury’.

Hearts and Balls – ‘Helping Rugby Help Its Own’

It all started back in 1999 when a player from Lismore Rugby Club in Edinburgh was left paralysed after suffering a serious spinal injury. After a successful fundraising appeal, Lismore RC widened its support to cover other players impacted by serious injury or illness. And so Hearts + Balls was born, with the aim of ‘helping rugby help its own’.

The charity has since raised and donated in the region of £450,000 to rugby players and their families. Through advice and advocacy, they also help identify and apply for funds from other sources.

Hearts and Balls is totally committed to helping our seriously-injured rugby friends enjoy the quality of life that their tragic injuries have dictated they must now lead. Rugby is a game that many of us have taken a huge amount from, and it is only right that we now combine to put something back in. I encourage you all to support Hearts and Balls’ excellent work. Gavin Hastings (Watsonians, Scotland, Barbarians, and British Lions)

Spinal Injuries in Rugby

It is clear rugby players are more at risk of spinal injuries than other sports, due mostly to the scrum, and the need for such a charity has never been greater. Moreover, rugby has seen an increase in the emphasis on bulk and physique, at a time when much of the investment in the grassroots game is being cut to fund the professional game.

With all of that and more in mind, the support offered by Hearts + Balls includes:

  • new wheelchairs for players with spinal injuries
  • specialist mattresses for players with spinal injuries
  • adapting the home and garden of a spinally-injured player
  • car insurance for a specialist vehicle for a spinally-injured player
  • an additional carer to accompany a spinally-injured player on holiday
  • mortgage interest payments for the wife and young children of a player who died from a heart problem when playing rugby
  • specialist IT equipment for a spinally-injured player returning to study
  • legal costs of setting up a trust for an injured player

We Are Proud To Supply Kit For Hearts + Balls

Hearts + Balls is managed and administered solely by volunteers and does not employ any paid staff, and through hosting their own events such as festivals, rugby tournaments and more, they are on course to raise a staggering £100k in 2019 alone. It is a huge honour and a privilege for KUDOS to be associated with such a laudable sporting charity.

If you’ve suffered a serious injury on the rugby field, or are suffering as a result of an injury to a loved one, they may be able to support you too. Check out their website to find out more. And on the flipside, you may be able to support them. If you’d like to donate, or join a fundraising event, click here.

You can also check out their Facebook page for more information.


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