A new campaign is underway aimed simply at showing a bit of appreciation and love for the thousands of grassroots coaches up and down the country.

Thanks a Million Coach!

The #thanksamillioncoach campaign, organised by Spond – a fabulous app designed to ease the burden on volunteers and is particularly helpful to those of you running sports clubs – does exactly as it says on the tin. It’s simply a chance to say thanks to our coaches, to help them feel more valued, incentivised and equipped to continue coaching.

‘A Good coach can change a game – a great coach can change a life’

Around eight million people take part in grassroots sport every weekend, and they all have coaches investing in them, inspiring them and supporting them. A wise person once said ‘a good coach can change a game – a great coach can change a life’, and we couldn’t put it better or more succinctly.

Grassroots coaches are truly the unsung heroes of sport – and without them grassroots sport simply could not function. A cursory glance at the #thanksamillioncoach hashtag on social media reveals the depth of feeling so many of us have for those coaches, past or present, that have had profound effects on our development not just as amateur athletes, but as people too.

Say Thank You and Help Raise Money for Charity

As a rather enticing bonus, Spond will donate £20,000 to UK charity StreetGames and will add another £10,000 if one million thank yous are posted online.

Simply use the hashtag #ThanksAMillionCoach on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to show your appreciation for a brilliant coach, or coaches, who help you or your kids – or to thank a coach who inspired you earlier in life. Ideally tag them in it too, and anyone else you think should be doing a shout out. Spond will count the shout outs and donate a further £10k if the magic target is reached.

And so if you missed the deadline for the UK Coaching Awards 2019, how about joining in this simple but effective campaign, and help keep grassroots sport alive.


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