We understand that, sometimes, joining a new sports club can be a little daunting. As such, increasingly sports and their governing bodies are looking for ways to be more inclusive, more welcoming and more appealing to potential newcomers. This has lead to a surge in abridged forms of many of our sports, one of the newest, and fastest-growing, is Nets – a fast and furious version of netball.


This take on the game has been popular in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia for around three decades, with some 90,000 taking part worldwide. Originally and imaginatively named ‘Indoor Netball’, its inception in the UK was overseen by the INA (Indoor Netball Association) – an organisation dedicated to promoting Indoor Netball and grassroots participation in it.

Nets was then recognised by the sport’s national governing body – England Netball – as an official form of the game, and the two bodies (the INA and England Netball) began to work together before merging – at which point Nets was born.

How does it differ?

Nets is a variation of netball that is fast, non-stop and more tactical. While there are naturally similarities with the rules of standard 7-a-side netball, there are a number of differences that mark the game apart.

The most notable difference is that the game is played within an enclosed netted court. The game is typically played as a 5, 6 or 7-a-side game.

For each variation there is a women’s and a mixed team version, and in some quarters you can find men only teams. Its inclusivity is one of its great strengths. Increasingly men are getting involved in Nets, while England’s women are currently world champions.

For an in-depth look at the differing rules in each variation of the game, click here.

Why not get involved and give the game a try at one of the following centres:

  • Action Indoor Sports, Birmingham Tel: 0121 546 0717
  • Action Indoor Sports, Bristol Tel: 0117 903 1434
  • Barlane Community Sports, Nottingham Tel: 01159 244 766
  • IGC, Guernsey Tel: 01481 253799
  • Leicester Sports Centre, Leicester Tel: 0116 247 0221
  • Play On, Whitechapel, London Tel: 0207 247 6484
  • Willows Sports Centre, Derby Tel: 0133 220 4004

World Indoor Championships

The World Indoor (Nets) Championship is currently taking place in South Africa, and England have three teams at the tournament – a women’s side, an under 21 women’s side, and a mixed side involving both men and women. You can follow England Nets in their quest for glory on their official Twitter account and also their Facebook page.

Nets Kit

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