We pride ourselves not only on providing world class teamwear, but also world class knowledge, expertise…and genuine passion for what we do. KUDOS staff live and breathe that passion for sport. They wouldn’t be with us if they didn’t.

Meet the people who make it all happen…!

Neil, Managing Director, Manchester City supporter

As the veteran of the KUDOS operation, my playing days are largely behind me. Earlier this year, however, I was summoned for a game of 5-a-side and, ignoring Father Time, I foolishly turned up to play. I duly tore my hamstring, and couldn’t walk for weeks.

Until time got the better of me, I’ve always been mad about playing and watching sport – football, cricket, horses, you name it. I keep horses at home and while it’s hard work, I find them a constant source of therapeutic reassurance. I’m an ardent Manchester City supporter, and I’m absolutely making the most of our rise to the top after years of stick from our ‘noisy neighbours’ who shall not be named. I think we’ve earned it.

Kate, Project Manager, Manchester United supporter

Hailing from the north-west, you tend to be be into sport, music or both, and sport has always been a big part of my life. I played a lot of netball and hockey as a kid and right through into my late teens and Uni years. Like so many others find, it wasn’t easy to maintain a sporting lifestyle through Uni and it fell away a bit, and particularly so after I started a family. But I retain a big interest in most sports, mostly in a watching brief these days.

Colin, Project Manager, Liverpool supporter

My sporting career started with a Grove Challengers football team from about under 8s to under 12s. I stopped when I broke a collarbone and never went back, with cricket taking over. As a grown-up, which I think I can just about call myself, I play weekly indoor 5-a-side, and the odd 11-a-side friendly. 

I started playing cricket aged 12 for Wantage CC u13s, u15s and Challow u17s. I played county U15s for Oxfordshire, and started playing men’s cricket at 15 for Challow 3rds, and moved up to the 2nds before university. After uni I came back and played for Wantage 1sts (they only have one team, but it’s still the firsts, right?), and captained for a few years as well as getting involved in the committee. I joined the league committee in 2013/2014 and still sit on it. My highlight would be either hitting centuries in three consecutive games, or my high score of 126. 

I also played golf as a kid, but stopped during those uni years when one tends to concentrate on other stuff. I took it back up about 5 years ago, and got my handicap down to 12. 

Sean, Content and Social Media Manager, Liverpool supporter

As a kid I did it all really, less so now. I played football for my local club in Derbyshire from under-9s right through to the men’s team, and skippered my school team before Mr Wright disgracefully stripped me of the captaincy in 3rd year. A match report once described me as “a beguiling blend of midfield grace and aggression” – I was Xabi Alonso, more or less. 

I was in the cricket teams and basketball teams, played tennis for a local club, but middle distance running was really my thing. This is a Partridge-esque boast, but I never lost an 800m, 1500m or cross country race in my entire time at secondary school, and ran for the county in those events. I broke a few school records too, but I definitely never use my contacts still at the school (I do) to see if those records still stand (they don’t). 

My Dad was a scratch golfer and I attempted to follow in his glorious footsteps without any real success, other than when I won the Derbyshire Schools event at Matlock Golf Club in about 1993. It was the nett prize, but I never tell people that – I just say I won the Derbyshire Schools, which technically is not a lie. I birdied 10 and eagled 11 that day, which remains my greatest two hole run. I still play golf every now and again (as well as 5-a-side football), but I’m a significantly worse golfer now than I was in my teens. 

Lisa, Sales Account Manager, Southampton supporter

Netball and showjumping were my things in my youth, and I also did a bit of archery which was great fun. As a busy Mum, recreation time is thin on the ground – indeed I usually have to book time off work and go on holiday to achieve it! We love skiing and try to ski as much as possible, while my daughter plays football for Southampton FC and I’m often found cheering her on at weekends.

Spencer, Sales Director, Arsenal supporter

My sporting career has been nothing short of average. A keen sportsman at school taking part in most things that were available, my earliest memory is of playing football with a tennis ball in the school playground in short trousers – colour TV had been invented then, by the way!

I spent a few years growing up in a pub. Back in the day it was a smoked-filled bar, and although I was sometimes allowed to play I mainly got to test my maths skills by chalking the scores. Those were the days!

Football was my main sport growing up, but I played rugby and cricket too. Played a bit of squash, and still play golf occasionally if I fancy a hack around.

My main sport after school, though, has been skiing. I lived and worked in the Alps for a couple of years and it has always stayed with me. I didn’t ski for a number of years after returning due to two ACL reconstructions – which I damaged playing football for a works team – but recently got back into it by going on a family ski holiday. The knee is still knackered – I suffer from osteoarthritis and need a replacement, so until that day arrives, I might as well knacker this one and have some fun.

So with not being able to doing any sports that involves running, my current sporting involvement comes by way of football coaching – which I love doing. I coached my daughter’s team for six years, and then got back into doing it with my son, Harvey (U11).

Rob: Chief Technical Officer, Blackpool supporter

Hailing from the seaside Mecca of Blackpool, I am a Tangerines supporter, which has certainly had its…well, mostly downs, but feel privileged to have seen the decade from 2000-2010 where we rose through the divisions winning a record number of play-off finals and playing some delightful passing and attacking football along the way. 

My first team was graced by the likes of Bob Hatton, Derek Spence and Micky Walsh (who scored Match of Day goal of the season when I was 8!) – but the 2010 Premier League season will always be special. 

My own sports – a bit of football when I was younger but no great shakes, racquet sports mostly badminton and squash. I got into tennis in my forties so I’m currently loving that. 

My son started lacrosse when he was 10 and after trying him in every other possible sport he finally stuck at something! If lacrosse had been available to me as a kid I would have loved it. I help out with the teams, run the website, after-match catering and of course help with their kit! It is such a great sport to watch – fast paced, with the skill of racquet sports and the physicality of full contact sports. Our lacrosse highlight this year was a trip to the New England Patriots stadium to watch the college finals between Yale and Duke university.


So that’s it. That’s us. You don’t get to work for KUDOS unless you are sports-mad, and we strive to pour that boundless passion for sport into our daily work and to provide you with world class, bespoke teamwear.


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