One of the joys of partnering with a club and providing their kit is finding out about not only what they do today, but also their history. Every club has a story, and it’s fascinating to discover how each of our clubs was founded and has developed. And in Brighton Swimming Club, we have arguably one of the most storied grassroots sports clubs in the country.

The oldest swimming club in England

Brighton Swimming Club can lay claim to being the oldest swimming club in England. Founded way back in 1860, the club has played a significant part in the city’s development. It may sound terribly obvious, but in seaside towns water safety is paramount and the club has been pioneers on that front for some 160 years now.

In 2011, discoveries from Brighton Swimming Club’s archives went on display at an exhibition called Floating Memories. The archive revealed a quite wonderful array of old photographs, including one particularly memorable image, from 1863, of a group of men that could be best described as ‘dandies’, in their budgie smuggler trunks complete with top hats and fancy moustaches. The journey from there to KUDOS kit has been a long one, but how proud we are to be supplying this great club. Alas, we cannot provide top hats but our tracksuits are pretty awesome.

Brighton Swimming Club, 1863

The club is based to the east of Brighton’s Palace Pier, as it has been since 1860. And since then, the club has encompassed more or less every aspect of swimming, including waterpolo, synchronised swimming, competitions and galas, and also sea swimming, which the club still engages in on a daily basis – including the annual Christmas Day swim.

Brighton Swimming Club is clearly a club getting things right. The club now enjoys a packed calendar of events, meets, training and more, and their website is a goldmine of fascinating history and up-to-date information. If you’re in the area, and are looking for ways to get active both physically and socially, you could a hell of a lot worse than getting involved with Brighton Swimming Club.

BSC – we salute you!


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