Sir Andy Murray finds himself in the particularly strange position of having not officially retired while the kind of tributes and eulogies normally reserved for the retired pour in – but whether or not this is the end for Murray, we wanted to take this opportunity to salute him.

Andy Murray – Mental Strength Personified

Recent revelations over the state of Murray’s battered hip have left his career hanging by a thread. During his time out injured, Murray has plummeted to 229 in the world rankings. Before that injury struck, Murray had reached 3 Grand Slam finals in 2016, and had been world number 1 for 41 weeks – until he limped out of Wimbledon 2017. In what was singularly the greatest and most brutal era in the history of men’s tennis, it was his time, his turn to dominate. And he’s barely been seen since. One can only imagine how tough that is to take.

But if anyone can, Murray can. His career is a story of constant displays of colossal mental strength, right from the very start when he stared tragedy in the face in Dunblane. Everyone at KUDOS counts themselves as a fan of Murray in part because of this, alongside his incredible will to win, his total dedication, and his pure love of his sport. Our ethos is very much reflected in Murray.

In our about us section, it says:

…we want people to understand how powerful sport can be, at whatever level, in generating confidence, responsibility, humility, discipline and teamwork. KUDOS, ABOUT US

Andy Murray in a nutshell

If there’s one clip that encapsulates Murray – and his confidence, his humility, his teamwork, his utter brilliance – it is this incredible moment from the Davis Cup final in 2015.

It is truly Murray in a nutshell. A brutal and relentless rally, an amazing lobbed winner to finish it and almost single-handedly win it for GB, pure and unadulterated emotion in the celebration, before having the humility and presence of mind to extricate himself from the joyous scenes to go and console his beaten rivals. In that mere one minute of footage, we see everything that is wonderful about sport, and everything that is great about Andy Murray.

A Great on and off the court

Quite apart from Murray’s all-conquering tennis career, he’s taken his off-court responsibility as a top sportsman incredibly seriously, using his platform to speak up for women’s tennis and women’s sport – something we passionately believe in. He’s also a tireless supporter of various charities; Murray is a founding member of the Malaria No More Charity, and in 2013 – after winning the Queen’s Club Championships – Murray donated his entire prize money winnings (£73,000) to the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Murray’s famed single-mindedness can been seen even in his quietly steadfast support for equality of the sexes in sport. Murray didn’t appoint Amelie Mauresmo, the first high-profile female coach in any major global male sport, to earn moral points and plaudits. He did it because he believed she was the best person for the job.

When Murray wept in his Australian Open press conference, he surely did so because his possible imminent retirement must feel to him like the end of a long relationship, or even a bereavement. For Murray has dedicated more or less his entire life to his sport. He first played tennis aged 3, and took part in his first competitive tournament aged 5. By the time he was 8 he was competing against adults, and now, at 31, he stands on the precipice of a forced, premature retirement, having conquered the world.

All of this, alongside Murray’s unyielding desire to wring every last drop out of the talent his genes gave to him, should serve as an inspiration to any sporting child, to any aspiring sportsman or woman. Of course, barely any of us will ever reach the heights scaled by Murray – but that’s not the point. The point is to be the best you can be, to be the best you can be on and off the pitch or the court. Work hard, love your sport, enjoy the rewards.

Andy Murray, we salute you!

KUDOS and Tennis

The name ‘Kudos’ comes from 18th century Greek and means praise and honour received for an achievement; it infers prestige, glory, honour, status and distinction. It symbolises the effort, commitment, discipline, teamwork and passion that sportsmen and women give and endure for the love of their chosen sport. Much like Andy Murray, right?

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