One of our big passions is to give sports outside the mainstream a voice. Everyone at KUDOS loves football and the other bigger sports, but there are many sports on the fringes that people enjoy and yet are denied a platform. We’ve rounded up a little guide to some sports that you may know nothing about, and may even have never heard of.


Originating in the Netherlands, Korfball is a fast, dynamic cross between netball and basketball. It’s biggest USP is arguably the fact it is mixed gender, the world’s only mixed gender team sport. Two teams of eight compete – which must comprise four male and four female players – to get the ball into a goal, or ‘korf’. Like netball, dribbling with the ball is not permitted, but in many other ways it is like basketball.

The sport was invented in the Netherlands in 1902 and is a pretty big deal on the continent. It is played mostly in universities in this country, although it is growing fast and England are currently ranked sixth in the world.

There is a particularly big emphasis on the team – players are not fixed to any one position and regularly switch roles. You could call it ‘total korfball’.

We’ve provided kit for a handful of korfball kits across the UK and remain committed to promoting this all-action game.

The sport is taking off all over Britain – and most local clubs are only too happy to welcome new members, regardless of ability or experience. You can find your nearest korfball club here.


You’re going to have to bear with us here, because you’ll almost certainly have never heard of this, and you may not even believe it.

Canicross is the sport of running off-road or cross country with your dog. That’s right – cross country running with your dog. The human participant wears a waistbelt which attaches via a 2-metre bungee line to a padded dog harness and is more or less dragged along by the dog. Man’s best friend and all that, right?

It is, admittedly, somewhat unusual, but if you and your mutt are inseparable – as many of us are – it’s a fantastic way to keep you both fit whilst enjoying the great outdoors together. It provides a physical workout for your dog and the use of directional commands will help him or her to learn to use his brain and build up his confidence.


Hybrid sports really are becoming a thing – think the likes of footgolf, where you kick a ball around a mini-footgolf course, chipping onto the greens and holing out in a big football sized cup…with your feet.

Teqball is similar insofar as it blends table tennis and football. Ronaldinho, as one might expect, is a bit of a whizz, Neymar enjoys it and the Chelsea squad play it in training most days. Even veterans Glenn Hoddle and Paul Ince have been seen playing it in the BT Sport studios. It’s catching on in a big way.

Teqball is best described as football played on an adapted curved ping pong table and, remarkably, it is already aiming to Olympic sport status. It tests your technical skills in particular, and is particularly stamina-sapping.

The game can be played by two, four or more players, and sees competitors trying to land the ball on the other side of the table – just like table tennis – using different parts of their body to touch and pass. You can read more about it here.


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