KUDOS prides itself on the comprehensively bespoke and ethical nature of the business and its processes. But rhetoric is easy; actions less so, and so we want to shed a little light on our operation – how your design and your order is realised, from order to receipt in just six weeks.

Understanding the benefits that playing sport brings

Coupled with manufacturing high quality, made-to-order sports kit, we want people to truly understand the benefits that sport brings, both physically and mentally, while understanding how powerful sport can be – whatever the level – in generating and developing self-confidence, responsibility, humility, teamwork and self-discipline.

KUDOS was conceived to ensure that all sports – and not just the usual suspects – were represented in the teamwear market. We strive to give a voice to those sports, to champion them and to empower all sportsmen and women to compete in the most progressive garments in their respective fields, using technologically advanced fabrics in exceptional designs tailored to your club and to your team.

So how do we do it?


The design-your-own-kit process begins with our one-minute kit designer – an intuitive, user-friendly online kit designing tool that should take around, you guessed it, just a minute of your time. Its efficiency lies in its simplicity – choose your sport, your team/club name, your colours and you’re away. You then select which teamwear and leisurewear items you require, choose your design, refine it and submit. It could not be simpler.

You can save your custom-made kit so you can come back at any time to make any changes or refinements you please.

Once your kit is saved, our design team will then set about reviewing your requirements and contact you within just 48 hours. If you wish to enhance your kit further with club logos, sponsors and player names – or if you have a specific, unique design of your own in mind – just give us a call and our designers can help you create it.

Once you are happy with your kit, your order is submitted to our partnership factory where it is promptly acknowledged and granted a secured exit date.

Our practices are ethical and fully audited

Our factory is accredited by Sedex – a not-for-profit membership organisation dedicated to encouraging improvements in responsible and ethical business practices within global supply chains – and has passed, on a regular basis, a stringent audit that covers the well-being of all workers and ensures the factory conforms to the highest international manufacturing standards.

The factory is an extension of the business, collaborating and working in partnership from order-placement to shipment of the goods, to ensure punctual delivery – every time – to meet your needs.

After the order is received, it goes through the following stages:

  • All orders start off in the pattern room, where our highly-trained production experts get their first look at your design
  • The required fabrics are then selected, and for cut & sew designs the fabric is marked up ready for cutting. For sublimated garments the fabric is passed onto the graphics department for sublimation
  • The fabric is then cut using precision laser-cutting machinery
  • Once cut, the fabric heads to the embroidery and printing department where we add your team logos, names and sponsors
  • With your customisations safely in place, it’s onto the sewing room – where one of our highly skilled sewing workers puts your garment together by hand
  • Your garment is now ready, but before the factory sends out an order a rigorous quality control inspection is undertaken to make sure you will be as happy with the product as we are
  • Every garment is then individually ironed, and packaged using environmentally-friendly packaging
  • Your order is then shipped to our state-of-the-art warehousing facility to be distributed to your door
  • The final and most important step is sending your order to you. This is our favourite part of the process and we hope you wear your Kudos kit with the same amount of pride with which it was produced

And there you have it. All of this happens in just 6 weeks – from order to receipt. We take pride in not only the uncompromising quality of our kits but also the ease with which you are able to create it and receive it.

If you want to know more, or want to discuss creating your own kit, just give us a call on 0800 999 7770 and speak to one of our designers.


KUDOS supplies made-to-order teamwear to a range of sports clubs across the globe. We supply bespoke custom kit that is built for performance and worn with pride. Use our one minute kit designer to design your kit today.


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