It’s remarkable to think that most of us spend more time with our work colleagues than we do our loved ones. With that in mind, we might as well try our best to make work life as easy and as enjoyable as possible, right? To nurture those relationships with our colleagues, to feel as good as possible while we’re at work? It’s not always easy, sure, and for many work is a daily struggle. One of the best ways of building individual and team morale at work is through playing sport together.

There are countless benefits to joining a sports team – helping you meet new people, improving your fitness, health and happiness, and much more – but it’s mostly viewed through the prism of a local sports club, away from work. An opportunity that stares us in the face but is often missed is starting a sports team with the people in your office or workplace.

So what are those benefits?

Build team cohesion and morale

One of the reasons we wear school uniforms in the UK is to develop a sense of unity, team spirit and cohesion. Wearing the same teamwear as your colleagues does exactly the same for your team spirit, and bonding in a sports team is a great way to – pardon the pun – get the ball rolling. You will start to see each other in ways other than “the bloke from IT”, injecting new life and laughs into your team.

Get to know your colleagues better

Playing sport together helps break down barriers, and you’ll see your colleagues in a different light. Sport is an incredibly undervalued way of getting to know people, especially as you’re away from the constraints of the workplace.

Healthy team = happy team = productive team

It can be quite dispiriting and demotivating being stuck in the office 9-5, five days a week. In days gone by, many offices used to try to break that monotony by going to the pub at lunchtime. A far better (and healthier) way of keeping spirits up is to take some time out of the working day to go and play sport for an hour. A game of 5-a-side football or netball during the working day is an invigorating way to improve morale, concentration and focus. With those endorphins pumping, it’s amazing how productive you’ll be when you’re back in the office.

You could play after work, but it’s not always easy to get people to commit to spending additional time with colleagues – and away from their families – so breaking up the working day with sporting activity is ideal.

Free advertising

If you were to head down to the local 5-a-side pitch to kick a ball around, in your awesome custom KUDOS shirts, you’re – assuming the company sponsors itself – showing off your company logo…which is tantamount to free advertising. It can even give you a head start when hiring new staff – people are much more inclined to want to join a company which is seen to be taking care of its employees like this – allowing time away from the desk to play sport, and even paying for kit (which more and more companies are now doing – investing in people / staff is an increasingly core ingredient in a successful business). If you can find your way into a league with other local businesses, that’s an even better way of boosting your profile in the community.

So, if you’re the boss, why not stump up the cash for some KUDOS kit, invest in your people, book that pitch and get going! This sort of investment in staff is a direct investment in the business, and one which will reap long-term rewards in terms of staff morale and productivity. If you’re not the boss, go and speak to him or her, show them this blog, and get convincing!


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