A new FA campaign is targeting coaches and parents in youth and grassroots football. We Only Do Positive is a new strategic approach to the FA Respect programme that will see a focus on this important area of our national game over the next three seasons.

We Only Do Positive

Launched to coincide with the kick-off of the 2018-19 youth football season, The Football Association has announced a renewed focus on the Respect programme as it enters its ten-year anniversary. The FA’s Respect programme aims to educate parents and coaches on their roles in creating a fun, safe and inclusive environment for players to ensure the campaign is embraced throughout the age groups and result in sustained participation from players and volunteers alike.

Originally launched in the 2008-09 season after a series of high profile behavioural issues, the campaign’s new mantra of ‘We Only Do Positive’ aims to improve behaviour on touchlines across the country by raising awareness of Respect among a new generation of parents, coaches, volunteers and players.

Your Behaviour Has a Demonstrable Impact on Your Child’s Performance and Enjoyment

The campaign follows extensive recent research to understand more clearly the effect of negative behaviour at football matches from Under-7s to Under-18s, focusing on where Respect interventions would be most effective. The research showed 90% of young players played better with positive encouragement from coaches and parents, highlighting the influence adults have on young players.

Pushy parents in sport is an ongoing problem, particularly in football, and is one of the greatest impediments to a child’s enjoyment. It is not, however, limited to football, and all parents involved in any junior and youth sport can learn from the messages promoted by this campaign. Check out this powerful video to see how your behaviour can impact on our youngsters.


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