Let’s face it, some sports struggle in the face of negative perceptions, though those perceptions are seldom accurate. When most people think of bowls, they think of a stiff and genteel pursuit played in silence by retired men and women. They think of Tony Allcock and the pipe-smoking David Bryant, or even of Borat struggling to understand when ‘Jack’ arrives.

Bowls, however – in particular lawn and crown green bowls – is undergoing something of an image change and a surge in popularity, with more young people playing the game. So why is this?

The most sociable of sports

Its popularity surely lies in its accessibility, sociability and inclusivity. A healthy number of pubs around the country – usually called The Bowling Green – have their own bowling green, with equipment often available for a returnable deposit, while almost every town and village in the UK has its own bowling club – there are around 7,500 clubs up and down the country. In fact, bowling clubs are bustling hives of activity – offering the chance to spend a summer’s day with friends, perhaps enjoying a drink, and some competitive sport.

28 year old Keith Woodford has been playing bowls since his teens, and he has seen first-hand the increase in interest among younger people.

Some of the stigmas have definitely started to erode. There’s been a relaxation in the old, formal dress-codes – with more colourful gear now allowed. And the game has become more aggressive, in a positive way. The power with which the woods strike is far greater now, and it makes it more exciting. The fact you can spend the day enjoying a few beers is undoubtedly a factor too – a day down the bowling green is a hugely sociable affair. In fact league games now can get pretty feisty, which is mostly a positive thing but as with any sport it can occasionally go over the top. That’s something you accept playing sport, and for the most part this healthy element of keenly-contested competition is a good thing.

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With the introduction of slightly new twists on the sport like Barefoot Bowls – a modern and urban variation – bowls is showing that it is more than capable of moving with the times, shrugging off that misleading image of a stuffy old game set in its ways. It’s fun, it’s easy to pick up and it’s accessible. If you fancy giving it a go, find your nearest bowls club and get involved!


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