We were honoured to attend The Women’s Sport Trust’s #BeAGameChanger awards in 2017, and it was inspiring night that showcased everything women’s sport has to offer. 2017 turned out to be a game-changing year for women’s sport in this country, and so this year’s ceremony promises to be even better. Nominations for 2018 are open – giving you the chance to have your say and play a part in changing the future of women’s sport. And you have just under a week left to get your nominations in!

Increasing the visibility of women’s sport

The Women’s Sport Trust is a charity that exists to raise the profile of women’s sport, a campaign that KUDOS supports wholeheartedly. Despite all of the progress – which is undoubtedly noteworthy – women’s sport is still not afforded equal coverage, and perceptions around it still need to develop.

As well as recognising elite women’s sport stars, it recognises inspiring initiatives both on a local and national level. These schemes and initiatives remain vital to women’s sport and conveying the message that sport – men’s and women’s alike – is a powerful force for good.

How does it work?

Following a public nomination process – which closes on February 7th – each category will be whittled down to a shortlist by the WST’s Board of Trustees, with finalists in each category chosen by a panel of experts. A public vote will determine the winners, and they will be announced at the #BAGC2018 awards in London on 24th May 2018.

The full list of categories is as follows:

Sporting Role Model – Individual
An elite athlete who has used their influence to raise the visibility and increase the impact of women’s sport.  More people value, participate in, watch and support women’s sport because of them.

Sporting Role Model – Team
An elite team who has used their influence to raise the visibility and increase the impact of women’s sport.  More people value, participate in, watch and support women’s sport because of them.

Ambassador of Women’s Sport
A game-changing decision maker / influencer who has achieved real, significant and lasting change for women’s sport. This is an inspiring individual who has improved the way in which women’s sport works.

National Governing Body of the Year
The National Governing Body (NGB) that has demonstrated innovation and commitment to women’s sport with a clear impact on participation, engagement and profile. This NGB operates as a role model organisation showcasing the value and potential of women’s sport.

Brand / Sponsor Partnership of the Year
A partnership between sport and business that has raised the bar in terms of the perception of how women’s sport can be activated. This award recognises the vital role of investment in raising the profile and increasing the impact of women’s sport.

Inspiring Initiative – National
A high profile national initiative that had a significant impact on progressing women’s sport in the UK. This major project imaginatively showed how to realise the potential and increase the appeal of women’s sport.

Inspiring Initiative – Local/Grassroots
A local / grassroots project, campaign or enterprise that proved how irresistible women’s sport is. This initiative inspired others to value, participate in, watch and support women’s sport.

Imagery of the Year
The single image, series of photographs, film or visual campaign that most brilliantly represents women and /or girls in sport. The image/s showcase what women are capable of and help to challenge limiting stereotypes.

Media Initiative of the Year
The media initiative / series / story or campaign that raised the bar for the coverage of women’s sport and helped to prove its value as a media proposition.  This initiative connected with a growing audience by positioning women’s sport as unmissible, compelling and full of interest.

Outstanding Contribution to Women’s Sport
WST’s equivalent of the BAFTA lifetime award – to an individual who has had an exceptional and long-term impact on women’s sport.

Have your say now!

Remember, it’s not a vote at this stage – shortlisting is based on the quality of the nominee’s achievements, impact, and influence. Each person only needs to be nominated once to be considered. All of us involved in sport, whether it be grassroots, elite, or somewhere in between know inspiring individuals and organisations – so don’t be shy and get nominating! You are free to nominate yourself, nominate someone else, or an organisation you think is great. Check out the nomination criteria and have your say!


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