KUDOS makes no bones about talking repeatedly of the problems of inactivity in this country – especially when it comes to our children. They are our future, and if we allow the inactivity and obesity crisis among our children to continue, the effect on future generations could be unimaginably damaging. A recent tweet by UK Active revealed that if you took the least fit child from a class of 30 tested in 1998, they would be one of the five fittest children in a class of the same age today. Schemes like Super Movers are vital to addressing these issues.

Super Movers is a partnership between the Premier League and the BBC – with the simple aim of inspiring primary school aged kids to get active.

It is set to launch in January 2018, and will help teachers get their classes moving throughout the school day through a range of free, user-friendly video resources. Other incentives courtesy of the Premier League will be offered – such as a visit from the Premier League trophy itself.

Healthy body = healthy mind

Fit, healthy and active kids demonstrably do better in school – healthy body, healthy mind. Physical activity helps not just with academic achievement, but with behaviour, concentration and self-esteem too. Research has proven that a mere five minutes of moderate exercise per day can greatly improve engagement in lessons.

The educational videos will feature stars of television alongside big name footballers to capture the kids’ imaginations and get them moving.

Super Movers will encourage teachers to adopt an active approach to learning and include physical activity throughout the day. Teachers will be empowered to use the video content-led ideas and simple solutions to help children learn while they move and move while they learn – all free, fun, and easy to use in the classroom.

Super Movers can also be used at home too with a range of fun videos and games designed to get children and grown-ups moving together in their living rooms, so parents as well as teachers can join in.

How can you get involved?

Teachers can sign up to a Super Movers newsletter now to be the first to know about latest video releases, get all the latest news and information about upcoming Super Movers events and hear from other teachers.

Being active doesn’t start and end in the classroom. Parents can join in by using ‘Just for Fun’ videos with their children at home.

What’s in it for your school?

The first 500 schools to sign up will receive a Super Movers Welcome Pack full of more information, Super Movers stickers and a poster on which to track your children’s progress.

If you can demonstrate that your school is using Super Movers’ resources you will be offered rewards and incentives for your school – including certificates, visits from the Premier League Trophy, local football club mascots and other excellent prizes.

You’ll find all you need to know about Super Movers on the website – keep your eye on that in January and get moving!


KUDOS encourages people of all ages and from all backgrounds to take part in grassroots sporting activity – whether playing, or getting involved through volunteering or coaching.


KUDOS is proud to supply kit to a range sports clubs up and down country – custom teamwear and bespoke custom kit that is built for performance and worn with pride.


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