KUDOS is acutely aware of the importance of grassroots sport – of its role in facilitating social and community inclusion, coupled with its function as a platform for those who go on to elite sport. Investment in sport and physical activity has a demonstrably positive impact on people’s lives, bringing communities together while making a significant contribution to the nation’s health and wellbeing.

On this blog lately we’ve covered some of the reasons to be cheerful about grassroots football in the UK – there is a quiet revolution taking place, but it could be much better still. A new campaign has been launched – Save Grassroots Football – that aims to put pressure on the authorities to impose a levy on Premier League clubs’ vast revenue to be reinvested in grassroots football.

No ‘trickle down’ for grassroots

The Premier League has often talked about how mega-money TV deals mean that some of those riches will trickle down into grassroots football, but the reality is very different with elite clubs gorging themselves and grassroots shamefully neglected. In 1992, the then newly-formed Premier League pledged to the government that it would put 5% of TV revenue into the grassroots game – and it simply has not happened.

Some grassroots football clubs are doing well, but it’s not because of funding. Clubs succeed by virtue of the dedication and zeal of their volunteers – coaches and parents who chip in their time and effort to get a game on, to hold training sessions, to travel to away games and much more. If just a tiny fraction of the colossal amounts of money we now see sloshing around the game are reinvested into grassroots it would provide a gigantic boost – infrastructure would improve in leaps and bounds, there’d be better facilities for communities and local clubs, we’d produce better players and, ultimately, we’d give the national team a better chance of success. Indeed, one of the founding core principles for establishing the Premier League was to help our national game. Today, the number of homegrown players in the Premier League has fallen to around 30%, lower than all the other major European leagues, and the impact on the national team is absolutely clear.

Sign the petition to force a debate in Parliament

The online campaign calls on the Government to impose a 5% levy on The Premier League’s – wait for it – £8.3bn combined revenue from UK and international TV deal for 2016-2019 to be reinvested back into the game at grassroots level. An online petition has been set up, and once 100,000 signatures have been gathered the issue will be considered for debate in Parliament. There has been some political pressure for this to happen so the appetite may well be there.

You can follow the campaign on Twitter and Facebook. We are delighted to support this campaign, and we hope you will too. Sign the petition now!


KUDOS is proud to support and encourage boys and girls from all backgrounds and of all ages to take part in grassroots football.


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