The power of sport is enormous. It can unite and it can be transformative, fundamentally changing lives for the better. The Eleven Campaign aims to harness the gargantuan power of football to unite people, celebrate diversity and help children in need – and at the centre of the campaign is the documentary, ‘Eleven’.

Football is more than a game

In their own words, “Eleven” is non-profit documentary spearheading a campaign that aims to use the power of football to break communication barriers, celebrate diversity and create social cohesion. The production is an international collaboration between eleven countries, each with their own local director and producer. We work side by side with charities that support children in the participating countries. All distribution profits will be used to support these charities.”

Using the universal language of football, the film will follow eleven kids from eleven different countries coming together to form a football team. The team will ultimately play a match against an experienced side, but the real story will be the children – their stories, their differing cultures, their hopes and their dreams. They will stay together, train together and hope to evolve from a rag-tag bunch of total strangers into a team, unified by football and a common goal – and show that when people come together, nothing is impossible.

The 90 minute documentary will conclude with the football match between the eleven children and an experienced team. The result, whatever it may be, will not be of any real importance – the outcome of their experiences together will be. The film will aim to inspire both the children and the audience alike to think about what unites us rather than what divides us. The eleven children come from Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Greece, Japan, Qatar, South Africa, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom and USA – nations that between them boast a wealth of rich and diverse cultures.

You can support the campaign

You can support Eleven. The campaign, with the documentary at its heart, wants to reach out online and gather a following with the help of great content such as videos, music and art – to build an awareness of other cultures around the world, encourage greater international collaboration, to fight discrimination and to raise money for children in need across the globe.

In these troubled times of increasing division and uncertainty, Eleven is an inspiring beacon of hope underpinned by a shared love of football. You can support the campaign by following Eleven on Twitter, on Facebook or by donating to its crowdfunding. You can also help by simply sending your support by way of an ‘I am for Eleven’ video. So far 57 people from 22 countries have sent in videos, and the more videos they receive the more it will snowball. Please get involved in this fantastic and inspiring campaign.


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