The new netball season is upon us, and it’s set to be another busy year with stacks of opportunities to play.

A sport on the rise

Netball is undoubtedly on the up. The latest round of government funding, announced earlier this year, revealed netball was to receive a whopping £16.9m for development, with around £10.5m of that earmarked to encourage adult women to get back into the game.

There has been quite the surge in women attending sessions like Back to Netball and Back to Hockey, notably mothers in their 30s and 40s. These shorter versions, part of a nationwide drive to get people more active and supported by lottery funding via Sport England, are gentle reintroductions to sport for people who have played in the past – and they are proving extremely popular.

Netball can improve your social life

More than 60,000 women have taken part in Back to Netball alone, since its launch in 2009. Research undertaken by Liverpool John Moores University reveals that 61% of these were aged between 30 and 49. The main motivations for returning were to get fitter, to lose weight and – crucially – to develop a social life away from their lives as mothers. This social aspect of netball is a huge factor in not only the rise in numbers but the very real surge in the feelgood factor of those taking part.

We know returning to a sport you last played, say, at school, is no cakewalk. Limbs takes longer to stop aching, and you sometimes find yourself training alongside rapid teenagers who may, on occasion, show slightly greater speed and agility. But feedback has shown the camaraderie, friendship and spirit found at clubs is overwhelmingly netball’s biggest draw, its greatest asset.

So if you want to start playing, or get back playing, find your local club and go for it!


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