National Fitness Day – 27th September 2017 – encourages the nation to celebrate the fun of physical activity and fitness, highlighting the role physical activity plays in helping us lead healthier lives both physically and mentally.

National Fitness Day was launched in 2011 by the énergie Group, before ukactive – a not-for-profit health organisation – took the reigns in 2014. The day sees a huge range of activity undertaken by participants of all ages, such as ‘plank offs’, yoga and Pilates classes, treadmill challenges, high-street HIIT classes, dance-offs, mass walks, and loads more.

The UK’s largest celebration of physical activity

The aim is to establish National Fitness Day as the most active day of the year, engaging a range of audiences – from the inactive to the already active – across a variety of settings from the home to the high street, the office to the gym.

Thousands of clubs, parks, leisure centres, and gyms across ukactive’s membership are encouraged to open their doors to welcome the public to get active on National Fitness Day. Also encouraged are schools, workplaces, and communities – encouraged to get involved by running events and activities to suit their audience.

It is well established that the benefits of regular exercise includes a healthier heart, greatly increased wellbeing, and a better quality of life. However, many of us find getting fit a struggle – with a lack of time and motivation among the leading causes of that struggle. National Fitness Day aims to highlight the simple and easy steps you can make to become more physically active and – crucially – enjoy it.

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Research shows that if you exercise in company, you are more likely to stick at it; the social atmosphere creates a positive environment which is important in helping us to have fun.

Your National Fitness Day event can be whatever you want it to be – anything from opening up a regular fitness class, a free trial for new members at your local club, a group of colleagues going for a world record, to a lunchtime walk or a post work run with friends.

Registering your event is easy, and you will be given assistance in putting on a fantastic National Fitness Day event to engage the public and create a local media buzz.

Even if your event is not one the public can access, you can still register here to ensure you gain all the tools and support to activate your event.

So grab a friend, family member, colleague, or team and join in on the most active day of the year to celebrate the fun of fitness!


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