Women’s Sport Week took place recently and what a great and successful week it was. However, efforts to keep pushing and promoting women’s sport didn’t end at the end of WSW and it is incumbent on us all to maintain the momentum. There is a growing number of sporting programmes designed for women and girls and Cricket for Girls is a fine example.

Delivering first class coaching

Created by former England international Lydia Greenway, Cricket for Girls offers top quality coaching to women and girls of all abilities and ages. It delivers a range of cricket course to clubs and schools nationwide, as well as masterclasses, an Academy, day camps and coaching sessions.

Lydia Greenway represented England 225 times across all formats of the game during a career spanning over 13 years. She played a part in England winning two World Cups and five Ashes series, as well as winning England’s Player of the Year award and being shortlisted for the ICC World Player of the Year.

Like golf, cricket has, in the past, laboured under a patriarchal environment. Thanks to trailblazers like Rachael Heyhoe-Flint, the game changed and it continues to evolve. When Lydia was younger, she benefited from a father and brother who both played cricket, allowing her the opportunity to get involved herself.

Looking back, if it wasn’t for my family, I may not have played cricket. At the time, it wasn’t a sport that was readily available for girls in schools, and our club was one of a few who helped build a women’s team and embraced a girl playing in a boy’s team. My dad was my role model because at the time I didn’t even know there was an England Women’s cricket team! Since then, and having coached all over the country in schools, clubs and counties, I now realise how important it is for young girls to have female role models, it helps break down the barrier and perception that cricket is a boy’s game. Cricket for Girls aims to allow every single girl who wants to play cricket, the opportunity to do so, as well as providing those girls who already play with high quality and expert coaching Lydia Greenway

As well as the actual cricket side of things, Lydia also delivers motivational speeches and Q&A sessions to schools across the country.

Cricket for Girls provides women and girls of all abilities with a hugely positive cricketing experience. If you are interested in finding out more about Cricket for Girls then check out their highly informative and user-friendly website. You can get in touch using the contact form.


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