One of sport’s great USPs is its inclusivity – or at least it certainly should be. It is important that sport welcomes everyone, and in recent years disability sport is an area that has grown quite significantly. Flyerz Hockey has become the term to positively describe disability hockey in England, and this summer the third National Flyerz Festival takes place in London.

Flyerz Festival

The idea of Flyerz was established a few years ago to create opportunities for adults and children with learning difficulties to play hockey. This year’s National Flyerz Festival, which is free of charge, will be held on Sunday 18th June as part of the prestigious Mens Hockey World League at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Some of the highlights of the festival will include;

  • All players to play on the main International pitch
  • Exclusive access for Flyerz to the Hockey Hub, with the inflatable pitches, speed gun, skills pitch etc
  • Networking opportunities so clubs can share best practice and ideas with each other. Along with supporting new clubs who are thinking of starting Flyerz
  • Watching International Hockey – the days games are Pakistan v India and England v Argentina

It promises to be a great day for Flyerz members from clubs across the country to come together for coaching, small sided games and other hockey related fun. If your hockey club is thinking of running Flyerz activity, the day will provide a great opportunity for club organisers and volunteers to share thoughts and ideas. And you don’t need to be part of a team or have played hockey before as there will be friendly volunteers on hand to help get players started.

If you want to get your Flyerz involved please email


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