On this blog we love to write about sport – particularly grassroots sports and our core of key sports; archery, hockey, netball, running, athletics, cricket and swimming – because, put simply, sport is our passion. It is the reason we set up KUDOS. But why do we focus on those sports, and what are we really about?

Custom Made Kit for all

Established in January 2012, Kudos is an international bespoke sportswear manufacturer and we supply custom made sports kit to a whole host of different teams, clubs, schools and universities across the globe.

We are partnered with hundreds of teams from grassroots to the elite level – including Archery GB, the England Archery Federation, Scottish Archery Federation, Jersey and Gibraltar Island Games, Wales Lacrosse, Malta Netball, British Taekwondo and Falklands Archery.

Providing a voice for all sports

KUDOS was formed to help ensure all sports were represented in the teamwear market, and not just the usual suspects – the high profile, mainstream sports for which the teamwear market had largely catered. Let’s be clear about this – we love our football, and count avid Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Blackpool fans among our sports-mad staff. But we want to provide a voice for other sports, to champion all sports, and give all sportsmen and women a rock solid foundation on which to compete – kitted out in the most advanced garments for their sports, using technologically advanced fabrics in exceptional designs, specifically tailored to the needs of their clubs and teams.

As well as the sport itself and manufacturing bespoke, made-to-order kit, KUDOS’s passion is to encourage all types of people to be actively involved in sport. We want people to truly understand the benefits sport can provide, both physically and mentally, as well as understanding how powerful sport can be, at any level, in terms of its power and propensity for stimulating social good – and on a more individual level generating and instilling confidence, discipline, self-esteem and respect.

If we’re not playing, we’re watching!

We are a dedicated team passionate about inspiring people to get active and achieving personal and team kudos. Everybody at KUDOS loves sport – if we’re not playing it or watching our kids playing, we’re on the sofa watching it and we hope that passion for sport, sport and more sport comes across.

We’re all very proud of KUDOS and what we have achieved in a relatively short time. We are breaking the teamwear market mould, and aim to enable players of all sports to access high quality kit – inspiring more people to look and feel great while playing their chosen sport.


KUDOS is passionate about encouraging and supporting people to take part in sporting activity at any level, from grassroots to the top.


KUDOS is proud to supply kit to a range of sports clubs across the country – custom teamwear and custom kit that is built for performance and worn with pride.


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