We are never shy of reminding people running is as good for the mind as it is for the body. A nationwide charity programme espousing that very message is helping to get homeless people’s lives back on track through running – and they are looking for volunteers.

After being launched with great success in London, The Running Charity has now arrived in Manchester.

Helping the transition from homelessness to a more secure future

They partner with existing homeless charities and provide a diverse training programme that develops high levels of engagement. There are no barriers to participation, and participants are kitted out and engaged in varied fitness sessions three days a week – as well as taking part in public running events. They aim to help members make a successful transition from homelessness to a secure and prosperous future.

It is plain to see how homelessness on our streets has increased exponentially in recent years – and in the UK alone, some 80,000 people aged 16 to 24 experience homelessness each year.

Volunteering is extremely rewarding

In Manchester, coach George Bate is aiming to get as many athletes as possible across the line in this year’s Manchester marathon – and he is looking to recruit more volunteer coaches to take part in training sessions. It is a hugely rewarding experience to play a part in turning around the lives of young homeless people.

Check out some of the hugely inspiring case studies on their website – clear examples of how The Running Charity has played a pivotal role in turning around people’s lives.

Claude is one such example. He came to the UK as a boy fleeing the Rwandan Genocide and was homeless for eight months. He sought refuge on night buses and in homeless shelters before enrolling on The Running Charity’s pilot programme. After six months with them, Claude graduated and became a lead instructor with The Running Charity, and is now living in rented accommodation and is a full-time member of staff, responsible for London-based programmes and volunteers.

You can make a real difference by offering your services as a volunteer coach. To find out more check out the ‘get involved’ section on their website.


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