Many of us grow up playing sport with dreams of reaching the very top – of scoring the winner in the Cup final, blasting a forehand winner down the line to win Wimbledon, or holing the winning putt in The Masters. But for most of us, let’s face it, those dreams are fantasies – statistically the chance of making it to the highest level in football, golf or any of the mainstream sports is, frankly, minute.

If you’re good at lacrosse, you can go places

We’ve all heard the 50 year old fella down the pub boring his mates about how he was picked to represent his county in the shot put some 35 years ago. But there’s no escaping the fact it was always very flattering as a kid to be picked to represent the school team, and then progressing to district level, being selected to represent the county and then, if you were really gifted and lucky, national schools level. Being selected as one of the best in your field in a town, a county or your country is a buzz and honour that stays with you well into adulthood, but for the vast majority of us – even those who seriously excelled in our junior years – those days are left firmly in the past.

That’s the beauty of sports like lacrosse – if you’re good, you can go places, and you could even find yourself representing your country in international tournaments.

Normal people doing extraordinary things

That’s not to say it doesn’t take hours of dedication and practice – no one just turns up and starts playing for their country a month later, but the chances of making those dreams of turning out for your country come true are markedly more realistic.

This summer the Welsh lacrosse team – in their KUDOS kit – emulated their footballing counterparts by carrying (almost) all before them as they romped to the semi-finals of the sport’s European Championships in Budapest. They won’t mind us saying this, but this is a group of normal – but talented – guys and they got to experience the comradely joy of an international sporting tournament; the thrill of facing the best players from other nations, going to head to head with them and pitting their wits against Europe’s finest. What better sporting challenge than that? These lacrosse players are normal blokes with normal lives and normal jobs. And yet for a few weeks in the summer they were sporting heroes, representing their country and slugging it out on the international stage against the cream of the continent. With the greatest of respect to Sunday league football, for example, it beats playing against a hungover XI from the Dog & Duck on a quagmire doesn’t it?

Why not check out English Lacrosse‘s excellent club finder, see if there’s a club near to you and give lacrosse a try. It’s fast, furious and if you have an aptitude for other ball sports the chances are you’ll take to lacrosse too. Get involved, and who knows where it could take you.


KUDOS is passionate about supporting and encouraging people from all backgrounds to take part in sporting activity at any level, from grassroots to the highest level. We recognise that sport is a powerful force for good.


KUDOS is proud to supply the kit for the Wales men’s lacrosse team – custom teamwear that is built for performance and worn with pride.


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