Sports and their governing bodies are always looking for different or unique ways to attract people to participate and get active in playing their sports. Many sports have introduced abridged, shortened-forms of the game while others have gone for more pared down and informal versions of the sport – and Back to Netball is one of the latter.

It’s been running in England since 2010, and tens of thousands of women  – and, increasingly, men – have got involved in the sport by way of this gentle reintroduction.

Get fit in a sociable and inclusive environment

Netball is a great way to keep fit, to lose weight and also to develop your body’s cardiovascular system and improve muscle tone, and Back to Netball sessions are specifically designed to be sociable, inclusive, more lighthearted and more informal than standard netball sessions.

Run by passionate, netball-mad coaches, the sessions cover the basics of the sport including passing, footwork and shooting, and will wind up with a fun and friendly game. Back to Netball provides an ideal and gentle reintroduction to the sport, but you will of course still be welcome if you are completely new to netball.

You have nothing to fear!

For many, women in particular, it is about being empowered to have the courage to re-engage after maybe careers, kids and families have got in the way. It is natural and perfectly normal to lose confidence during your time away from the game – most people feel the same – and going along for the first time can be a quite an intimidating experience. But there is no need to feel daunted, perfectly exemplified by Back to Netball’s high retention levels. Almost everyone in attendance is or has been in the same boat, and regulars report a warm and congenial atmosphere.

Hundreds of women around the UK are getting ‘Back to Netball’ on a weekly basis. Check out the handy session finder on the England Netball site to find out where your nearest session is and get involved!


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