KUDOS loves great new ideas that help and empower more people to take part in grassroots sports. It’s amazing how difficult it can sometimes be to locate information online about local sports clubs, pitches and other such issues. Netball Squad is a one-stop shop for netballers in and around the London area – an inspiring idea to help both existing and potential netballers.

‘The netball site for netball players’

It really is a startlingly simple yet effective and inspiring idea. The website – billed as the netball site for netball players – serves as a kind of comprehensive inventory or compendium of all things netball in London. Looking for a club or trials local to you? You’ll find it on the site. The fantastic London Netball Map does exactly what it says on the tin – highlighting netball clubs and leagues on the map. Simply click on the ‘bib’ – green for a league and pink for a club – to find out all the details you’ll need to know.

After initially establishing the site as an information portal for local netball activity, it grew to include general netball tips on technique, skills and fitness – including very handy little animated gifs – as well as a raft of relevant articles on all things netball.

Helping fellow netballers join the local netball scene

It is the brainchild of netball addict Kerry O’Shea. Kerry hadn’t played since school but after a move to London in 2014 she was looking to get back into playing netball. After resuming her netball career in London’s social leagues, as well as attending Back to Netball sessions, she found new friends who hadn’t found it easy to access information about the local netball scene and, beginning with a humble Twitter account, Netball Squad was born.

Kerry’s initiative has been vital in helping to create a genuine netball scene in the capital. It is a simple but highly effective idea that benefits netball clubs and existing, new or returning netball players alike.

I am so pleased by how popular Netball Squad has become and so grateful to all the netballers who have supported and contributed to it. The netball community is so strong and full of dedicated, supportive, passionate teams – I am driven by a desire to promote and support them in any way I can.

I want everyone to know that you don’t have to be “good at netball” to start playing – nobody cares if you’ve never been to the gym or if you weren’t on the team at school. I hear countless stories from people who join a team after 10, 20 years out and love it – it genuinely is the best way to get fit, make friends and have loads of fun.Kerry O’Shea – Netball Squad

There are lots of routes into netball, either through some of the abridged forms of the game like Fast Net or High 5 Netball – which have been embraced by plenty of netball clubs around the country – or other initiatives like Back to Netball. If you’re in the London area, log on to Netball Squad and find the right option for you.

And if you’re involved with a netball club in London and you’ve yet to add your club to the Netball Squad database, get in touch with Kerry via email or on Twitter @netballsquad. The more the merrier.


KUDOS is committed to encouraging and supporting people of all ages and backgrounds to get into netball at any level.


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