The success of Team GB’s women’s hockey team – one of literally dozens of British Olympic success stories – is sure to inspire newcomers to the game of hockey. All of us face obstacles to participating in regular sport, be it hockey, running or netball – the most common of which is simply a lack of time. Rush Hockey is aimed specifically at those who want to take part in a team sport like hockey but struggle to find the time to make a regular commitment.

So how does it differ to standard hockey?

Rush Hockey is 4 or 5 a side, with squads made up of men and women in mixed or single gender teams, and rotating or rolling substitutions are unlimited. You will require a standard hockey stick, though the game is played with a bigger and lighter ball and smaller goals mean there is no need for a goalkeeper.

Like the unique goals, Rush Hockey pitches are smaller than standard. A game comprises four 10 minute quarters, with 5 minute breaks in between to talk tactics and – more to the point – get your breath back! Rush Hockey is fast, furious and sure to leave you satisfyingly knackered.

There are fewer rules than in standard hockey in a bid to keep the game as simple as possible. You can score from anywhere on the pitch, and its non-contact nature means you can let your stick skills do the talking.

Inspired by Team GB? Get involved!

Many hockey clubs, higher education institutions and universities benefit from hosting Rush Hockey sessions. If you are interested in playing Rush Hockey at your facility then email here with your contact details and a member of the EHB Rush Hockey team should get back to you in good time.

Hockey isn’t short of abridged forms of the game, each aiming to attract as many people to the sport – or back to the sport – as possible. GB’s all-conquering women – Sam Quek, Lily Owsley and co – have captured the hearts of the nation and its legacy is sure to be an increase in the number of people playing hockey. So if you’ve been inspired, check out Rush Hockey, Quicksticks Hockey or Back to Hockey and get involved in this great sport!


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