Pushy parents in sport is an all too familiar tale in the UK. It is a fine line between supporting, encouraging and cajoling your children, and undermining them and damaging their sporting experience. Parents in Sport Week kicks off on 3rd October and it will aim to highlight how parents, through their own actions and words, can have such an influence – both positive and negative.

The initiative needs support

The NSPCC run campaign will seek help from sporting organisations and bodies in raising awareness of the vital role parents have in a child’s sporting education. It already has over 100 organisations committed to the cause and pledging their support.

Broadly speaking, the initiative will look at parental involvement through the prism of the following themes:

  • motivation
  • responsibility
  • communication

More specifically, Parents in Sport Week aims to achieve a trio of key outcomes:

  • to encourage sports organisations and clubs to promote the positive role parents play in helping children reach their full potential
  • to empower parents by sharing information regarding key roles they can do as a sports parent in supporting their child’s participation, success and fun, and therefore retaining a child’s interest in sport
  • to assist coaches and officials to understand the crucial role parents have in a child’s participation and continued involvement in sport

Parents in Sport Week will also provide clubs with posters and leaflets designed to highlight the crucial role parents have in helping a child reach his or her sporting potential.

Get Involved

You can get involved and help raise awareness on social media by using the hashtag #sportsparents, while the website will also feature downloadable email signatures which you can use for the week. Participants in the initiative will be looking to organise competitions, host debates and sessions on how to improve, as well as even providing training.

Arguably the greatest impediment to a child’s enjoyment of sport is the often obscene amount of pressure put on them by pushy parents, sucking all of the pleasure of the child’s experience. It is vital we keep our children active, healthy and interested in playing sport, and we’d love you or your club to get involved in this great campaign.


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