Archery legend, Kudos ambassador and motivational speaker Danielle Brown knows exactly what it takes to succeed, and part of Danielle’s template is to ensure you ‘dress for success’. We’ve had a look into why dressing for success is a legitimate game-changer.

Firstly, here’s what Danielle has to say about it:

It is important to wear a team uniform not only at competitions but also at club level. If you’re one of those people who looks at another archer and thinks “Oh my goodness, they look really professional, they must be really good!”, you need to change that. This can only have a negative effect – if you think somebody is better than you, the chances are you are not going to beat them.

I’m currently working with KUDOS Sports, who produce fantastic club and team wear. What I like about these guys is they’ve actually taken time out to focus on smaller, lower-profile sports like archery, and produce kit that is specific to us and tailored for us. You need to feel comfortable, you need to look great and for me KUDOS does exactly that.

We certainly subscribe to Danielle’s view, and it is backed up by scientific research. What you wear not only helps you feel good – it has as much to do with how you are perceived by your opponent(s).

Dress for Success even in practice

We know from psychological research that what we wear affects the way we think. It is known in psychology as priming. Numerous studies over the years have concluded that sportsmen and women wearing red win more often than those in other colours. In 2013, a study by the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology revealed the influence of the colour red – on both perception and your own behavior and performance – to be a very real factor. This demonstrates what a significant role the right kit can have. It goes beyond colour – if you feel good in your kit, you give yourself a better chance to succeed.

As Danielle rightly points out – wear the right kit, your best kit, even in practice or training. It is about conditioning. Conditioning the mind. If you turn up to practice looking and feeling a million dollars, you are of course giving yourself a better chance to practice well. And when we practice well, we are more likely to perform well in competition.

This same psychology of dressing for success can be applied in any walk of life, such as work / business.

Kudos kit – built for performance and worn with pride

KUDOS pride themselves on providing kit that is built for performance and worn with pride. In a KUDOS kit you will look good, and in turn feel good. A KUDOS kit gives you the foundations on which to build confidence and perform at your best.

All KUDOS sportswear is created using the latest high performance materials and designed and tailored specifically with the demands of your sport in mind.


KUDOS’s passion is to encourage and support people from all walks of life and backgrounds to take part in sporting activity at any level. We know what a powerful force for good sport can be.


KUDOS is proud to supply custom kit to a variety of sports clubs across the country – teamwear that is built for performance and worn with pride.


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