Making the decision to get off one’s backside and start doing some exercise is easy. We’ve all done it. Actually getting started is another matter, and some of us need all the help and encouragement we can get. Parkrun – the global phenomenon that you may or may not have heard of – is committed to breaking down barriers to participation in regular physical activity. It is completely free of charge, it is communal and it represents an ideal introduction to physical activity.

Making the most of the UK’s green spaces

The focus is on people of all ages running together, having fun in beautiful surroundings and supporting each other. And crucially, it is always free of charge. Parkrun events take place in parks across the country every Saturday and Sunday, making the most of some of the country’s attractive and underused green spaces

They say we in the UK are never more than 6 feet away from a rat – and similar could be said for Parkrun, for the country is brimming with Parkrun events.

Parkrun is a global phenomenon

Here in the UK the event is rapidly becoming a part of the national fabric – head to almost any major park on a weekend morning and there is every chance you’ll come across a Parkrun event. Around 850 runs – 2km for junior parkruns and 5km for adults – are organised in the UK every week and almost without exception each event has proved a runaway success, with huge numbers taking part and uniformly positive feedback received.

It isn’t just confined to the UK – Parkrun is a global success story. According to the BBC recently, there are 98,673 Parkrun events worldwide, with over 1.5 million regularly taking part.

It is very easy to get involved. Participants are required to register online, after which they are issued with a unique barcode which is scanned at the race and tracks times and confirms completion. The ability to record and monitor your times as you strive for improvement is just another boon for this great event.

Parkrun is committed to remaining free of charge

The Parkrun community is growing all the time – but the event’s ethos remains unwaveringly simple. It will always be free, for everyone and forever. Recently a Parkrun in Gloucestershire was reluctantly canned after the local council decided it was time to start charging people to use the park. All Parkruns are effectively a partnership between the landowner, the team of volunteers and the local community, but after vociferous protests Stoke Gifford Parish Council refused to budge and, for the first time, a Parkrun event was closed permanently. Although this was a disappointment to everyone concerned, it demonstrated Parkrun’s steadfast devotion to keeping the runs free of charge.

So if you’re looking to get into running, why not join millions of people worldwide and try your local Parkrun.


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