Kids Run Free is a charity / initiative which, in its own words, is “dedicated to inspiring healthier, happier and more confident children”.

Getting kids active is imperative

Britain is in the midst of an obesity crisis – we are the second most obese nation in Europe. With the popularity of video gaming and the resultant sedentary lifestyles among children showing no sign of abating, it is imperative we get our kids as active as possible before we are truly engulfed by this crisis.

The premise at Kids Run Free is pretty straightforward – children run in their age group across age-appropriate distances, and an emphasis is placed on self-improvement and personal bests rather than winning outright. KRF believe children need to be encouraged and cajoled into regularly taking part in outdoor activities. They acknowledge that these activities need to be fun, and as such their events are very much family affairs.

Giving children a clear and tangible sense of achievement

KRF host events at a range of venues and locations across the country. Prior to races and events kids will go through a warm up utilising mini-hurdles, cones and agility ladders, followed by a simple aerobics session before the race itself.

For every event your child attends they will be given one Kids Run Free sticker to put into their Kids Run Free Race Card, and after 8 races the kids receive a gift. This helps give the children a tangible and growing sense of achievement as they progress. From a parent’s perspective, it gets kids doing regular exercise with other children for minimal cost.

Coupled with providing obvious fitness benefits, the sessions give kids a chance to make new friends as well as making the most of often underused green spaces.

Kids’ Marathon

Providing kids with a similar sense of achievement is the brilliant Kids’ Marathon project. The project aims to give school children the chance to complete a marathon during the course of the school year by running a few laps once or twice a week on their lunch break. Again the concept is based on the sense of personal achievement rather than competition. It costs just £3.70 per child, however schools are asked to contribute just £1 per child for which Kids Run Free will provide all the equipment and any training required to manage the Kids’ Marathon at your school.

The concept of the Kids’ Marathon is in accordance with OFSTED’s report “Beyond 2012: Outstanding physical education for all”. Moreover, taking part in Kids’ Marathon can help your school meet OFSTED requirements on the effective use of PE and sport funding, outlined in the OFSTED report entitled ‘Inspecting primary school PE and school sport: new funding‘.

Some of the specific examples of effective use of PE and sport funding cited in the report include:

  • Engaging the least active pupils in after school activities, for example ‘Change4Life’ after school club
  • Providing training and payment for midday supervisors to introduce playground games at breaks and lunchtimes
  • Challenging pupils to improve personal fitness
  • Establish strong, sustainable partnerships with local community sports clubs
  • School Sports Partnerships strengthen pathways from schools to community sports clubs, whilst maximising participation and increasing regular competition

The campaign is currently recruiting schools for the 2016/17 academic year. We would encourage as many schools as possible to get involved in this fantastic scheme which benefits both children and the schools themselves. The health of our future generations is at stake.

For more information, visit the Kids Run Free website and get your children active!


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