Running is a great way to burn calories, get fit, lift your mood or even guarantee a better night’s sleep. Often, though, merely going for a run without tracking your speeds, distances etc is not enough. We have to monitor our progress, which in turn helps our focus, our motivation and ultimately the end result. Handily, there are tons of apps out there that make this very easy – the problem is choosing the right one for you. We had a look at the market and chose, in no particular order, our favourite five running apps. These apps will help you become much more engaged with the whole process, making your runs more enjoyable than ever.

Let’s face it, everybody prefers free apps. Runtastic, available on both iOS and Android, is aimed at the hobbyist runner and fits the bill – although, as with many fitness apps, there is also a pro version for the more dedicated athlete. It tracks and maps your calories burned and monitors times, speeds and distances. A personal exercise diary keeps track of your running metrics, and your routes can also be plotted and monitored in a Google Earth-style view. Social network sharing capabilities and an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard make this an attractive app. And it’s not just for running – you can use it to track walks and bike rides too.

Apps that track runs, calories burned etc are of course ten-a-penny – hence this blog hoping to sort the wheat from the chaff. Strava however – on both iOS and Android – has a unique appeal: the competition factor. When you are out running with your Strava app, you are competing against other Strava users undertaking the same route. Of course, this competitive element isn’t for everyone, but seeing your name on the leaderboard can serve as a tremendous motivation.

One of the more popular apps among runners, Runkeeper (iOS, Android) does everything you would expect a free running app to do. Setting it apart, however, is its large and lively community and, notably, a particularly wide range of integration options, including the ability to sync with Spotify or Apple Music. You can also take pictures on the go, while its range of training plans – devised by bona-fide running coaches – sets Runkeeper apart from most of its rivals.

Spotify Running
Since so many apps offer broadly the same sort of things, we thought we’d throw in a curveball. It’s not a running / fitness app per sé, but Spotify’s relatively new running feature is a real doozy. Its premise is simple – it detects your running tempo and duly finds the right music to soundtrack your run, making its choices from what it thinks are your favourite tracks as well as tunes that may be new to you.

Zombies, Run!
Another slightly left-field choice is the madcap and utterly immersive ‘Zombies, Run!’ app. The app, newly free of charge on both Android and iOS, brings a playful, gaming element to your runs and works on a motivational premise that you run better if you think are being chased. Simple huh? Essentially you are the star in a zombie action movie, as you try to survive a zombie attack. It syncs with Spotify too, and while there is no flashy tracking or analytics, it brings a whole new element to your runs.


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