Last October, we met up-and-coming triple jumper and KUDOS’ ‘one to watch’ Charlotte Ogden. She was about to embark on her first year as a student at the UK’s premier sporting academy, Loughborough University, under the tutelage of Femi Akinsanya – former coach of triple jump star Phillips Idowu. We caught up with her again as her first year comes to a close.

Kudos: So it’s been 8 or 9 months since we last spoke – how has your first year at Loughborough been in a sporting sense?

Charlotte Ogden: To be honest my training and seasons haven’t quite gone to plan as I was out injured with a hamstring problem during the indoors season, then I strained/tore a tendon in my ankle at the very start of outdoors so I haven’t been able to compete much. It is extremely frustrating because I know I have a big jump in me and this was my last year to attempt the world junior standard as I’ll be too old next year. But I’m past the point of being angry and upset now – athletics is a cruel sport and you definitely have to be strong headed. I’m just going to focus on getting fit and getting better for the next indoor season.

And purely in an academic sense, how has your first year at Loughborough been? And how have you found balancing the academic stuff with training?

I absolutely love my course, I’m probably the only one out of my friends that actually does. I love all the modules on it so that made it easier to revise during exams as I actually enjoyed learning the stuff.

I thought the whole fitting training in with my work was easier than expected. I just got into a routine every day of lectures, training between lectures, and then during exams I’d go to the library from say 9am til 1.30pm, have lunch, train from 3-6 and then go back to the library till around midnight! If anything it’s helped with my work because I just used training as a revision break. It did become quite hard because I was literally on the go all day every day, but it was worth it! Well it better have been when I get my results in a few weeks!

Is your focus still entirely on the triple jump or is sprinting / relay back on your agenda?

My focus was on the triple but because of injury I still can’t jump, but I can run so I attempted a 200m without any training at the Northern Outdoor Championships. I actually came out with a bronze and close to a PB – not bad eh! I was surprised with that considering the lack of training and how drained I’d felt from revision that day. I had to revise between my heat and final race because I had an exam the next day, an exam the day after that, and two exams two days before that… so I wasn’t really in the right mindset to compete. But it went well anyway and I enjoyed competing in my first race since being at uni. I’m also doing a relay at the Anniversary Games at the Olympic Stadium in July which will definitely be an experience.

Being injured is the bane of any athlete’s life – how do you deal with the down time?

I’m always injured so I’m used to it now! It is the most frustrating thing in the world but there’s a lot of athletes at the track who are injured and in a worse situation than me, so I can’t complain! It makes it easier being able to chat about it with other athletes as they can empathise with you.

We have a growing problem with the younger generations in this country and how inactive they are – how has your active lifestyle impacted your mental well-being?

Training is basically a break for me, it’s good because if anything’s going wrong in my life, or I’m upset, training is a get-away so I can just unleash my pent-up aggression on training! Training has definitely increased my motivation, not just in training but my degree work too. Everyone always says to me “I wish I was as motivated as you!”

We’d like to thank Charlotte for taking time out of her incredibly busy schedule to talk to us, and wish her good luck for the summer – especially at the Anniversary Games – and also for next season.


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