Archery has been a part of my life for nine years – and now it’s my job!

I’m Amy Curnock and I work as the Development Coordinator for Archery GB. I’m based in Nottinghamshire to raise the participation and awareness of archery, creating a lasting legacy around the European Championships in May 2016.

Being the home of the legendary Robin Hood, archery is very much at home in the county of Nottinghamshire. Working in partnership with Sport Nottinghamshire and Nottingham City Council, Archery GB secured National Lottery Funding through Sport England’s Major Event fund. Through this support and funding over seven hundred new people engaged with archery in the first three months of me being in post, with the figure growing!

My role is varied and hugely rewarding

There are many different aspects to the role of Development Coordinator. I deliver sessions with both traditional and Arrows Archery equipment to a variety of groups including community groups such as young carers and welfare/support groups. Sessions are also run in leisure centres to allow people to access archery in a local, familiar environment – also allowing people a more relaxed route back into exercise and community involvement!

There have been amazing personal triumphs for people that have been introduced to archery through the ‘Archery in Notts’ sessions. One member of a group shot her first arrows at 90 years of age and another tried archery for the first time after suffering a stroke and losing his eyesight. I’ve also helped individuals with cerebral palsy to shoot a bow through a bit of good old teamwork!

I am privileged to be able to to share archery experiences with others

Working at a local/county level means I see the real passion that people who have never tried archery before get when they pick up a bow and arrows for the first time. I feel very privileged that on a daily basis I get to share the wonderful sport of archery with the people of Nottinghamshire and that so many people are so keen to pick up a bow and give it a go.

In the long term, we aim to increase the participation and awareness of archery in Nottinghamshire by working alongside clubs and also creating new opportunities that did not exist prior to this role. Sustainability is key, so we’re training up new Instructors, Young Leaders and coaches to ensure that we have a strong workforce to keep up the good work!

If you want to find out more on what is going on in Nottinghamshire or get in touch via Twitter @ArcheryinNotts, or through our Facebook page.

Amy Curnock, Archery GB


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