Netball – both its public profile and the game itself – is developing at a rare old rate of knots. As well as the newer variations on the game – including High 5 and Fast Net – new rule changes are helping to make the game faster. The Make The Game workshops will enable you to understand how the game is changing and what this all means for your coaching.

New rules impact both players and coaches

From January 2016 until the end of February 2016, Make The Game goes on the road giving coaches around the country an ideal opportunity to develop their coaching and adapt to the new rule changes.

Jean Leigh, award-winning coach at Trafford Juniors, reckons it will force everyone to up their game:

The new rules will make the game much faster and fewer whistles will have an impact both on the athletes and us coaches. The emphasis is on a fast and furious attacking game. As such the players will have to be much more tuned in and focused, and it’s up to us as coaches to deliver sessions that will improve reaction times.

The workshop will teach you how to integrate game-based practice into your sessions, as well as enabling you to get the most of player decision-making.

Book now

Prices for the workshops are £25 for affiliated members and £35 for non-affiliated members – for more information and an application form contact your Regional Coordinator.

All session and venue details can be found here.

Find the workshop nearest to you and sign up for a fresh and exciting perspective on coaching netball in 2016.


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