Jean Leigh proudly shows off her Grassroots Coach of the Year award

Jean Leigh’s story is a tale of unrelenting enthusiasm, devotion and diligence. After over 30 years of grassroots netball coaching, the humble and self-effacing Mancunian has suddenly found herself in the limelight.

Decades of dedication finally rewarded

In September 2015, Tracey Neville presented Jean with the Grassroots Coach of the Year at the Goalden Globe awards, netball’s national celebration of the outstanding contributions made to the sport at grassroots level. It is reward for decades of dedication. Not a reward she ever sought, nor expected, but an award so thoroughly deserved it seems almost ludicrous she should have had to wait so long for such recognition.

Passionate and ceaseless commitment to coaching kids

Jean is an instinctive coach, able to draw on her many years experience to organise and inspire children through a variety of skill-based games and activities in her sessions. She coaches under 9s, 10s and 11s and introduces them to the basics of High 5 Netball, which allows them to learn and play in every position on the court, before moving them on to competitive play.

Jean organises sessions for almost 100 children at Trafford Junior NC, coaching every Tuesday and Wednesday during the season. On Sundays – match day – she can be found managing sometimes 7 or 8 teams, running from one court to another as several of her teams play at once.

Many parents think this is Jean’s job. It’s not, but it is undoubtedly her passion. Jean has coached over a thousand children in the north -west over three decades, and the recognition she has received from England Netball may be overdue but it could not be more deserved.

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