On 25th November, the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne will reveal the Government’s 2015 spending review. In it, he is expected to announce cuts of up to 40% in investment in grassroots sport.

The physical and mental well-being of a nation is at stake

Tens of millions of pounds’ worth of funding and investment is set to be wiped out. With the country in the midst of a growing obesity crisis, these cuts will have a catastrophic effect on not only the nuts and bolts of grassroots sport in Britain but the long-term physical and mental well-being of a nation.

Participation levels in sport, remarkably, have been in decline since London 2012, and the chances of arresting that decline will be practically non-existent after these cuts have been imposed.

Recent polling tells us around 80% of people believe grassroots sport should receive more Government funding – not less.

KUDOS supports the #GetYourKitOn campaign

Here at KUDOS we would like to announce our wholehearted support for the #GetYourKitOn social media campaign – a campaign passionately opposed to the proposed cuts. We would like to reach out to as many of our affiliated sports clubs as possible, and encourage you to send in your photos of you and/or your team-mates playing sport, which we will share on Twitter with the hashtag #GetYourKitOn. Alternatively, visit www.getyourkiton.team and post a message to George Osborne yourself.

To consider cutting grassroots sports and recreational funding, coupled with the recent sales of school playing fields, demonstrates a lack of foresight and raises questions as to the future well-being and health of the UK population, and negatively impacts the legacy left for future generations. Sport is fundamental to life and reducing the general population’s opportunities to participate will have a detrimental impact on society.KUDOS Managing Director Neil Turner

We want to send a message to the Chancellor – to demonstrate just how much we value sport, and more importantly to underline the hugely positive social and economic impact sport has on a nation, its children and its communities.

These cuts will have serious consequences, both short and long-term. We urge you to join us in our support for the ‘Get Your Kit On’ campaign.

KUDOS is committed to supporting grassroots sport

KUDOS is passionate about and dedicated to supporting and encouraging people from all walks of life to take part in sporting activity at any level.

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