There is no escaping social media. For sports clubs big and small, it is an invaluable tool for making connections, having conversations, increasing visibility and tons more. We’ve put together this little guide to maximising your club’s social media presence and growing your club.

  • Most if not all our clubs will have a Facebook page and / or a Twitter account. Simply having an account alone, however, is not enough – an inactive page, with sporadic updates, is not a good look. Keep your pages ticking over with regular updates
  • Pictures and images are the most direct and successful means of engagement. Try to upload clips of the team in action, of training sessions and matches, and show what your club is all about
  • Don’t miss any opportunity to promote training sessions, games, and social events – share as much news about the club as possible
  • Search online for ways to contact local media – local newspapers, websites and radio stations – and send them a news round up every week. Local media is always looking for content, and sooner or later they will use one of your stories. This will give you a priceless slice of publicity, and will likely increase your social media following
  • Try to develop a community feel. Encourage players to engage in discussion about a recent game, for example, and use it as a forum for club-related chat instead of private group emails, texts or WhatsApp chats
  • Did you know you can spend just a few quid to ‘boost’ a Facebook post? With a sponsored post you can target an audience through interests, demographic and location. You decide your budget and your audience – and increase your visibility in one fell swoop
  • Keep your eye on the big sports clubs and how they use social media, and don’t be afraid of adopting similar ideas and applying them to your club
  • Try to keep your posts short and punchy – most people will tend to scroll past in-depth match reports. Keep them snappy, and accompanied by an image or a video if possible
  • If you have sponsors, keep them sweet by giving them shout-outs – and you may find they’ll return the favour on their social media channels

As well as Facebook and Twitter, other social media channels are available! Instagram is great for sharing pics and visually showcasing your club, and Snapchat is increasingly popular with younger users. Don’t be shy on social media and you can really use it to help your club grow. Good luck!


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